X One Active Dipol

STAMPFL X One Active Dipol Antenna

STAMPFL HAM Electronics was founded by Heinz Stampfl HB9KOC in 2005. Stampfl makes kits, morse keys and smaller electronic components for radio enthusiast.

The antenna delivers a clean, low-noise and interference-free signal over the entire HF range.

Key Facts

  • Excellent reception performance
  • Small and mechanically robust solution
  • Horizontal or vertical setup
  • Perfect for mobile use

The X-One must be partially assembled on site, for this purpose the dipole elements with the end capacities must be attached to the housing.
Depending on the local situation, a block can be activated for the FM range 88-108 MHz.
The installation site should be a quiet HF location. The X One is mounted on a 40-60 mm mast (metal, fiberglass). A height of approx. 5 m and a distance of 4 m to the objects is recommended.
With horizontal orientation, a rotor can bring further improvements. Omnidirectional reception is possible with vertical orientation.
As the X-One is a symmetrical antenna, reception is independent of the ground.
The antenna is already equipped with a CMC, which reduces common mode interference.

Technical Data

Feature X One
Frequency range 90 kHz to150 MHz (usable from 10 kHz)
Polarization horizontal or vertical (depending on installation)
IP3 28 dBm
IP2 66 dBm
Antenna Connector N, (BNC adaptor included)
Mast diameter 40 - 60 mm
Power supply 12-14 volts at 270 mA, Bias Tee DCW-1 included
Weight 0.9 kg
Dimension 0.8 m
Infos, prices www.heinzstampfl.ch

X One

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