IZT R5010


Highest Reception Quality. The IZT R5010 uses IZT’s latest generation of tuners with sub-octave preselectors, dual conversion and a variable first IF for maximum robustness against false reception and high-power mixers for maximum linearity. A low-noise preamplifer can be activated for maximum sensitivity.  All internal clocks can be sychronized to an external source or the built-in GNSS receiver.

  • go2signals support
  • Typical applications are COMINT Systems, satellite monitoring, broadband RF recorders or quality measurements in mobile communication networks
  • Highest signal quality in the frequency range up to 6 GHz
  • Up to 120MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • Six independent digital downconverters (DDC)
  • Real-time spectrum calculation
  • Large internal buffer memory

Large Instantaneous Bandwidth and Six DDCs. IZT R5010 uses latest FPGA technology for signal processing.
In its baseline configuration the IZT R5010 offers an instantaneous bandwidth of 60 MHz. Up to six DDC channels can be set up within the instantaneous bandwidth of the receiver. Each DDC can handle the full bandwidth, so the only limitation is the maximum output streaming capacity of 20Gb per second. With maximum decimation, the sample rate can be set as low as 10 kHz at the output of a DDC. The IZT R5010’s flexible job control allows the user to define complex scan scenarios that will be executed by the receiver. Accurate time stamps allow for calculating the reception time for each sample down to sub-nanosecond accuracy.

Broadband PSD. With option IZT R5010-200 the receiver calculates a PSD with 32678 points in FPGA with very high frequency selectivity. The PSD can be connected to any DDC in use. To reduce the data rate, a RMS detector can accumulate frames before the result is sent to the host computer via the digital interface.

Technical data

Feature Data
Frequency range 20 MHz to 6000 MHz
Noise Figure 15 dB
Instantaneous bandwidth Up to 120MHz
Number of DDCs Up to six
Preselector 14 bands, electronic switching
Conversion scheme Dual conversion with variable 1st IF
Data output UDP via two 10 Gbps optical LAN outputs
PSD 32768 points
Mechancial size 19”, 1U
Power consumption Approx. 100W
Option ZT R5010-CHS Receiver Chassis with frequency range 20MHz to 6000MHz
  60MHz instantaneous bandwidth, one DDC
Option IZT R5010-GNSS Built-in GNSS Synchronisation
Option IZT R5010-BUF1 Memory Buffer for 256 megasamples
Option IZT R5010-BUF2 Memory Buffer for 1280 megasamples
Option IZT R5010-100 Instantaneous Bandwidth 80MHz
Option IZT R5010-120 Instantaneous Bandwidth 120MHz
Option IZT R5010-200 Six Independent DDCs
Option IZT R5010-300 Real-time PSD with 32768 points