• Training languages are English or other language via interpreter
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA), initially for fine-tuning the training program.
  • Signals: Recorded, live, SOMO generated and customer supplied
  • Recommended max. number of students: 8
  • Duration: 6h/day (3h/day for webinar)
  • Training certificates for each student
  • Documentation: PDF
  • Training prices: Net, FOB

Special Setups

We are in the position to provide you also some modified schedules like

  • 2 days go2MONITOR and 2 days go2DECODE
  • 1 day go2MONITOR and 2 days go2DECODE
  • .....


A webinar training course is a lesson or other form of instruction delivered through a webinar software.
Our webinars are streamed live and last a maximum of 3 hours per day. Therefore we can offer this service worldwide.


  • Webinar training is much easier and more cost-effective than local in-person training. Venue rental, catering, participant giveaways, hotel and travel expenses add up quickly — for both sides.
  • Members of the audience, can participate from different locations
  • People are usually surprised to learn that webinars often increase attendee engagement rather than diminish it. This happens because distractions can be minimized. Attendees can focus on the material being shared and not their fellow students.
  • Most webinar software is also equipped with state-of-the-art engagement features.
    We use screen sharing and discuss the whole workflow with the users.
  • Webinar training events are easily recorded and can be replayed

Used Tools

  • Microsoft Teams
  • go2MEETING
  • Zoom
  • AnyDesk
  • Resilio