NTi MegaDipol DX

NTi MegaDipol DX HF Active Dipol

The MegaDipol 300DX is a broadband active dipole with a maximum upper working frequency of 300 MHz. The dipole reacts to the electrical component (E-Field) of the electromagnetic field and will deliver best results regarding signal strength and SNR (signal -to-noise-ratio) at locations with little or no locally generated interference.
In contrast to simple E-field antennas with only one radiating element, the symmetrical construction of the MegaDipol 300DX, will result in almost no negative resonance effects or reflections caused by the coaxial cable.
Particularly in electrically quiet environments, it can really play to its strength in efficiently amplifying weak signals. In practical operations, a maximum signal-to-noise ratio of 110dB was achieved!

Key Facts

  • Ultra-wideband design from 9kHz - 300 MHz
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Low noise E-field antenna as symmetrical
  • Can be powered either by a conventional plug power supply (5,5 / 2,1mm round plug) or via USB with an optional cable

Technical Data

Feature Value
Frequency range 9kHz - 300 MHz
Gain 0dB Gain: 9 kHz - 300 MHz
3dB Gain: 9 kHz - 130 MHz
Size 2 x 2.5m
IP3 > +30 dBm typical
IP2 > +78 dBm typical
Impedance 50 Ohm
Housing 98 mm x 90 mm x 38 mm, IP65
Weight 0.12 kg
Power Supply 10 - 15 V DC (typ. 40mA) 2.1 mm pin
The antenna can even be operated with slightly reduced IP values at the same gain with only 5 volts via USB.
Connector BNC
Operating temperature range -20 to +60 grd C
Scope of delivery MegaDipol MD300DX
- Power inserter
- 2 x 2.5 m dipole wire (PVC-coated, salt-water resistant stainless steel ropes)
- 2 insulators for installation (weatherproof plastic material with 4.5mm fixing hole)
- Manual
Options - Power supply with noise filter
- Antenna mast mounting bracket
- Weather protection case
- Common mode noise filter
- Galvanic antenna isolator

NTi MegaDipol DX

A small E-Field antenna for the HF range
Can be mounted horizontally or vertically