A little stand-alone touch screen SDR (also available without screen).
Alexander Trushkin (4Z5LV) develops and produces SDR receivers since 2012. Compared to some other receivers, the device is equipped with a LAN and USB interface. This provides full flexibility when the RX is integrated into a system. The LAN-IQ receiver is an extended version of the AFEDRI SDR-NET (which is a Black-Box only receiver, that can only be operated via the computer) and contains touch screen and an headphone output in the same housing.

Key Facts

  • go2signals support (under development, asks shoc)
  • HF and VHF-UHF up to 1.7 GHz
  • 1, 2 or 4 RX
  • In box -or- assembled PCB only
  • SMA -or- BNC connectors
  • LAN and USB interface
  • Suitable for fixed and mobile applications
  • Phasing software for noise cancelling available

Technical Data

Feature Data
Frequency range 30 kHz - 35 MHz for HF version
30 kHz - 1700 MHz for VHF/UHF version
Technology Direct sampling
12- bit 76.8 MSPS A/D conversion
Bandwidth Up to 2 MHz recording and processing bandwidth
-136 dBm at 500Hz bandwidth (0.03 MHz - 35 MHz)
-143.5 dBm at 500Hz bandwidth (50 MHz - 435 MHz)
Noise Figure ~14dB (for 1MHz-30Mhz range and maximum gain 35dB) input
VGA (Variable Gain Amplifier) has variable Gain from -10dB up to +35dB
IQ Data two 16-bit I/Q channels
Interface USB 2.0 (Full Speed) interface
LAN 100 Mbit/s
Antenna Connectors SMA or BNC
Power USB or external power supply 7-10V DC
Dimensions 120mm deep x 78mm wide x 27mm high (1 or 2 channels)
120mm deep x 78mm wide x 54 mm high (4 channels)
assembled and tested PCB only available on request
Compatibility go2MONITOR ask (ExtIO)
Linrad, Winrad, HDSDR, Studio1, SDR Console
CuteSDR, SdrDX
Quisk, PowerSDR_mrx
Versions LAN-IQ SDR /3.5'' LCD screen, with resistive touchscreen)
AFEDRI SDR-Net 2 Channel
AFEDRI SDR-Net 4 Channel


Different versions:

  • LAN-IQ SDR (Stand-alone SDR, Single Channel)
  • AFEDRI SDR-Net (Single Channel)
  • AFE822x2 SDR (Dual Channel)
  • AFE822x4 SDR (Four Channel)