microbit AS-1289 HF antenna switch

he switch is designed specially to be used for remote controlled systems, but can of course be used in other applications also. The switch can be controlled via an internal web interface. Together with Remoterig RRC-1258 it can be setup to automatically follow your band changes. The switch connects to the RRC over IP, no serial port is needed. It is powered with 12V DC. It is made for indoor use and can be wall mounted or placed on a desk/shelf. The switch is equipped with PTFE dielectric SO-239 or N-connectors

The new 5-way AS-1289 has the same functionality as the 10-way AS-1269 but it’s made for indoor use and has no PoE support.

For more details, see: https://www.remoterig.com

  • Nice for systems running at a remote location
  • go2MONITOR direct control using shoc Antenna control

Technical data

Specifications Data
Frequency Range 1,6-55 MHz
Characteristic impendance 50 Ohm
Antenna inputs 5
unused antenna outputs are grounded,
Outputs 1
Supply voltage 12 - 15 V
Power consumption 200 mA
Connectors PTFE dielectric SO-239
(alternative N-Connectors)
SWR  <1.17:1 for 1.8-50 MHz
Insert loss  <0.04 dB for 1.8-30 MHz
<0.07 dB for 50 MHz
Ethernet connection LAN, RJ45, 10/100 MBit/s
LED's ANT1-5, PWR, Link
Operating temp -40 -+60 C
Dimensions (WxDxH) 175x100x55mm
Weight 0.7 Kg