Diamond WD330

DIAMOND WD330 HF Antenna


The WD330 T2FD broadband dipole antenna is designed to provide optimum performance over a wide frequency range. The usual requirements for multiple antennas or an antenna tuner between antenna and receiver are eliminated by the unique broadband design.

The advantage of this antenna is the low noise floor, which is often better than a high signal strength.

  • HF wideband, 2-30 MHz
  • Low noise
  • Passive
  • No static interference

Technical data

Feature Data
Frequency range 2 - 30 MHz
Gain -
Length 25 m (WD330)
10 m (WD330S)
VSWR (Typical) 2:1 from 2 - 18 MHz
3:1 above 18 MHz
Impedance 50 Ohm
Weight 3.5 kg (WD330)
1.7 kg (WD330S)
Connector PL-259