NTi GA3005

DIAMOND WD330 HF Antenna

NTi GigActiv GA3005

If space is restricted or you live in an area where an antenna is considered an undesirable element in the neighborhood or when traveling, the new GigActiv GA3005 is the ideal solution when broadband reception is required. The low-noise GigActiv 3005 extreme wideband active antenna from NTi covers the entire frequency range from 9kHz - 3GHz. The antenna radiator measures only 10 cm (alternative 40 cm), so the device can be mounted directly. For short wave and above 200MHz an IP3 of typically > +30dBm is achieved.

Dual power supply

Standard delivery with DualPower power unit CPI1000DP (external power supply and USB-operation possible). The GigActiv GA3005 can be operated by two different kinds of power sources. It can be powered either by a conventional plug power supply or via USB. Powering via USB has the advantage that no external power supply is needed and that the antenna can be operated independently and noise-free with a separate USB PowerBank. The supply voltage range is 5,5 – 12V DC (120mA max) and thus the antenna is also well suited for portable use.

Can also be ordered from Bonito

  • Ultra-wideband design 9 kHz to 3 GHz
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Perfect for mobile use
  • Almost invisible, discreet

Technical data

Feature Data
Frequency range 9kHz - 3GHz
Gain + 3dB
Length 10 cm
(alternative 40 cm)
IP3 > +30 dBm Typ
IP2 > +50 dBm Typ
Impedance 50 Ohm
Dimensions 98 x 90 x 38 mm
Weight 0.12 kg
Power Supply 5,5 - 12V DC (120mA max) USB port or 2.1 mm pin
Connector BNC
Operating temperature range -20 to +60 grd C