go2signals is an innovative product line developed to meet today's requirements in the field of radio monitoring, radio reconnaissance, surveillance and signal analysis. The products are developed by a large team of experienced software engineers who have been working in this field for years and guarantee you continuous development and long-term support.

Key Facts

  • go2signals is the only signal monitoring and analysis software package you need when it comes to communications intelligence and monitoring.
  • Modular design
  • User-friendly
  • Stay up-to-date with two updates per year
  • For mobile man-packs, semi-stationary or for multi-user solutions on land, sear or air
  • Possibility to increase the number of channels, bandwidth, receivers or user
  • Windows or LINUX

The Perfect Solution from PROCITEC the Reference in Data Decoding

The threat has changed dramatically: Military threats, terrorism, and asymmetric conflicts require information superiority. Information must be gathered and analyzed from all possible sources.

But the signal scenario has also changed: Increasing signal density (sunspot numbers are still increasing until 2025), growing complexity, and the use of new or modified standard modems are challenging. There is a chaotic coexistence of old, primitive and new high-tech systems.
This calls for specialized tools to analyze modulations and protocols and to use this information to develop new decoders.

Manual processing of intercepted communications is too expensive, too slow, uncertain and incomplete. In this situation, an automated, flexible and extensible approach must be used at a reasonable scale and cost. And often the people with the necessary expertise are not or no longer available.

The modular design allows end users or integrators to choose an optimal solution.

go2signals for

  • Air/Sea Awareness, SAR
  • Border Control/Patrol
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Drug Enforcement Agencies
  • Electronic warfare
  • Immigration Agencies
  • ITU
  • Law Enforcement
  • National Intelligence
  • Public Safety
  • System Integrators
  • Telecommunication Agencies

go2signals Consists of Two Product Lines

Monitoring Suite

Radio monitoring, signal acquisition, classification, decoding and recording software for full monitoring of signal scenarios (HF, VHF, UHF and SAT bands).
With go2MONITOR you have a software tool that covers the entire workflow in the area of radio signal monitoring and COMINT. The standard software is modular, configurable and scalable to best suit your needs.
Radio monitoring, the easy way. The recognized top decoder!

go2MONITOR 1/2/4/8/32/.....

Radio monitoring, signal classification, decoding and recording software solution for complete signal scenario surveillance (HF, VHF, UHF, SAT bands)
Core product includes all standard product features
Optional product features can be added:
- PMR/MIL decoders
- WCL, Wideband Classification & Input
- WBR, Wideband Recording
- AMT, Automatic Monitoring & Tasking
- WMPC16/32/xx, Wideband Multi Channel Production (xx channels)
- NRC, narrowband Receiver Control
- HOPD, Hopper Detection

go2MONITOR Operator

go2MONITOR Operator allows multiple users at additional workstations to access a central go2MONITOR independently and process signals autonomously

- Shared access to the processing resources of a central go2MONITOR system
- Local use of free narrowband channels for independent signal processing
- Access to active wideband signal inputs (centrally controlled)
- Viewing and processing of all results from a common, central database
- Hand-off receivers can be assigned directly to an operator (requires NRC option)

go2MONITOR Result

ResultViewer application to connect multiple users to a central go2MONITOR 1/2/4/8/32/LowSwap and use the data.

- Share access to a central go2MONITOR results database
- View and edit all results while go2MONITOR adds new results in parallel
- Listen to audio, including IF recordings
- View filtered and grouped results, graphical and tabular display, data import/export
- Installation on an additional workstation (access to the central system via network)
- ResultViewer application can connect to multiple databases (not simultaneously)


Optimized go2MONITOR for low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP).

  • For deployment scenarios that typically require a high degree of mobility and portability (with limited computing and display resources).


C++ library for integration of automatic signal classifier functionality
Faster than real-time processing depending on hardware performance

Analysis Suite

Optimized modulation and content analysis tools to develop new detectors or decoders.
This are the tools you need if you want to analyze or "hack" unknown codes.
Never wait again until a new decoder comes on the market.
Do it yourself with go2signals Analysis Suite!

go2DECODE Professional

With go2DECODE you can analyze signals, adjust demodulator parameters, develop and improve/adapt new decoders

- Python/Spyder decoder development with debugger
- Signal generator (SOMO)
- Signal analysis
- Decoding (for tests, analysis, debugging. For normal decoder use go2MONITOR-1CH is recommended)

go2DECODE Standard

With go2DECODE-Standard you can analyze signals, adjust demodulator parameters.
- Signal analysis
- Decoding (for tests, analysis, debugging. For normal decoder use go2MONITOR-1CH is recommended)


go2DECODE Light

With go2DECODE-Light you can decode and load decoder lists.
- Decoding engine only, no analysis, configuration
- Simple decoder for production


go2ANALYSE is a user friendly and very powerful tool for the analysis of recorded bit streams.
It offers a wide range statistical, mathematical, logical, de-multiplexing, de-interleaving, LFSR, search and binary modulations functions to determine the characteristics of the protocols.

Signal Analyzer

Fast and easy offline modulation analysis
- Predefined analysis screens for fast, assisted FSK PSK MPSK and OFDM analysis (other demodulators in preparation)
- Integrated automatic classifier for modulation and modems


  • Automatic monitoring (24/7) guarantees that nothing is lost.
  • You can create missions and tasks for automatic decoding
  • All results are stored in a database for further evaluation
  • An advanced ResultViewer displays the stored data graphically
  • If necessary, you can add your own decoders