Technical Data

go2signals go2Analayse

go2ANALYSE is a user friendly and very powerful tool for the analysis of recorded bit streams.
It offers a variety of statistical, mathematical and manipulative functions to determine the characteristics of the protocols. This is the tool you need, if you like to analyze or "hack" unknown codes. Never again wait until a decoder comes on the market! With go2DECODE & go2ANALYSE you get all tools to analyze the signals and program a new decoder.

Key Facts

  • Never again wait until a decoder comes on the market!
  • Wide range of logical, statistical, de-multiplexing, de-interleaving, LFSR, search and binary modulations functions
  • Use existing decoder code as templates
  • Check and verify unidentified bit-streams against known / existing decoders
  • Recording, saving and replay of analysis steps
  • Visualize, evaluate and process demodulated bit streams
  • Display of the quality of symbols or bits
  • Windows or LINU

Technical Data

  • The performance of the software products depends on the hardware used. Technical parameters can differ under real operational conditions.
  • The parameters specified are limit values that cannot be guaranteed in all combinations. Specifications subject to change.

go2ANALYSE Functions

Item Parameters
Data acquisition Bitstream recordings from go2DECODE or go2MONITOR
Packed binary file
Text-based bit stream
Localisation English, others on request
Documentation PDF user manual / PDF online help
PC CPU min. Intel I5 or higher, 2 cores, 2.6 GHz
RAM min. 4 GB, 16 GB recommended
HDD: min. 50 GB (depends on binary file input)
Screen Resolution: min. 1280 x 1024 pixels
OS Windows 10/11 de/en, 64 bit
 CentOS Linux 7 (7.5 or higher, 7.5 is recommended), 64 bit
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL 8 (8.4 or higher, 8.4 recommended), 64 bit
License USB-Dongle (CodeMeter)
ISO 9001:2015 Company is certified
Bit Stream Visualisation Alignment: Burst/Circulation length
Bit offset
Bits per burst
Bits with quality
Circulation lengths
Font size changeable
Graphical bit display
Show difference between two bit streams
Symbols of bits
Tag bits with different colors
x/-, L/H, ./1 instead of 1/0
Analysis 0/1 ratio
Autocorrelation: complete / partial
Automatic search for non-periodic sequences
Automatic search for periodic sequences
Bit length analysis
Mark start, stop and parity bits
Repeated patterns
Testing against codes: Hamming, Reed-Solomon, BCH, Golay, CRC
Manipulation / Transformation Cutting
Inversion: Mirror / NOT
Logic: AND, OR, NOT, XOR selected bits
Viterbi correction
XOR two bistreams
Tools for LFSR Analysis and handling of linear feedback shift registers
Linear complexities
Binary Modulation BIPH-L Manchester
Decoders MSB/LSB
Normal / Inverse
predefined code tables e.g.:
- Baudot
- Baudot-3
- Shift-CYR
- Morse
User defined code tables
Workflow Management Change command parameters in workflow or delete
Commands and results tree
Complete workflow recording
individual commands
Replay saved workfl ow with different bitstreams
Save/Load workfl ow
Undo/Redo (several steps)
Integration of External Tools Open selected bits in an external tool (configurable)