shoc Network Analysis

shoc Network Analysis

Create node network graphics directly from the go2MONITOR ResultViewer.
A picture is worth a thousand words, it shows you much faster than a table what is going on.
Adaptable for other systems.
The plugin is written in PYTHON and can be customized by us to meet your specific needs.

Key Facts

  • go2MONITOR plug-in for go2MONITOR 23.2, an update is required for go2MONITOR 24.1!
  • Recognize which stations are working on which frequencies
  • Recognize which stations use which type of modems
  • Recognize which stations are communicating at what time
  • Recognize who is communicating with each other

Your Solution For

  • Quickly and reliably monitor the spectrum, even if you don't have time to scroll through thousands of recordings to find some interesting features
  • Observe what is going on, also recognize results that may be wrong (wrong detection/decoding) and use this information to improve monitoring tasks or adjust the decoders
  • Analyze the received data to find out which frequencies or modems need to be blocked, as the data is not really useful and only blocks your system.
  • Identify networks and changes in the networks

Typical Workflow

Depending on the number of data records in the graphic, the files (PNG) can become very large (<20 MB). This makes it difficult to publish them on the Internet,
Therefore, we sometimes only show some details or an overview in a much lower resolution than the actual image has.

Select the Data

Select the data records to be analyzed in the ResultViewer:

  • You can use all available filter techniques such as "Advanced filters", "Structuring" or SQL commands.
  • Select the required data records or select all (ctrl-A)
  • Select "Export" (button below or right mouse click), then select "shoc Network Analysis"

Select Destination Directory for the Result Files

You must now select the directory in which the output (PNF and CVS) is to be saved.

  • Navigate to the folder
  • "Press "Select folder"

Analyze the Graphs

After a few seconds, the charts are displayed on the screen.

  • If you wish, close it.
  • All files have already been automatically saved in the previously selected output directory

Unfortunately, you cannot enlarge this file on the right-hand side. The diagram created by the software is about 6000x6000 pixels in size and requires more than 10 MB.

You can download a few sample diagrams from our download page.

shoc Network Analysis

  • go2MONITOR plug-In
  • Easy to use, perfect for both beginners and experts
  • Show's the relationships between transmitters, frequencies and modems
  • Can be further customized to your needs
  • Other tools on request