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go2SIGNALS now with

  • DECT (Metadata, voice if not encrypted)
  • GSM (Broadcast Channel, BCH)
  • Possibility to add own decoders written in PYTHON
  • ELT, EPIRB, COSPAS-SARSAT, PLB: decoding of emergency radio beacon
  • CHN MIL Hybrid 8FSK-PSK
  • CIS Hybrid MFSK-68 PSK-9000
  • CIS Hybrid MFSK-80 PSK-250
  • APCO25, output of encryption algorithm
  • DMR, Motorola Basic decryption, decryption of ARC4 encrypted transmission with known key


Because of Corona, travel to some countries is almost impossible.
However, we are able to offer you tailor-made training webinars. Please request an offer.

Network Analysis for go2MONITOR

Now available from shoc.