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go2SIGNALS now with

  • DECT (Metadata, voice if not encrypted)
  • GSM (Broadcast Channel, BCH)
  • Possibility to add own decoders written in PYTHON
  • ELT, EPIRB, COSPAS-SARSAT, PLB: decoding of emergency radio beacon
  • CHN MIL Hybrid 8FSK-PSK
  • CIS Hybrid MFSK-68 PSK-9000
  • CIS Hybrid MFSK-80 PSK-250
  • APCO25, output of encryption algorithm
  • DMR, Motorola Basic decryption, decryption of ARC4 encrypted transmission with known key

Windows 11

We have tested go2MONITOR and go2DECODE with WINDOWS 11 and found no problems. We will run the tests on more computers.

Trainings & Corona

It is possible to travel to most countries again.
We are able to offer customized training and training webinars.

Network Analysis for go2MONITOR

Now available from shoc.