Signal Analyzer

go2signals Signal Analyzer Overview

Signal Analyzer provides manual and automated modulation analysis in a user-friendly way. It offers analysts and operators a fast quick display of all modulation-specific information on a few predefined screens. The user does not have to work step by step through the different analysis functions and set up the mathematical operators to analyze the signal.
The result of the "signal analysis" can be used to set up new demodulators and decoders for go2MONITOR.

  • Simple and fast modulation analysis
  • Use prepared analysis windows that offer direct support for all necessary analysis methods
  • Use the expertise of our analysis specialists in combination with your knowledge
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts
  • Works with I/Q data recordings (.wav files)
  • Possiblity to modify metadata if contained in the file
  • Contains modulation classifier with additional modem identification
  • Analysis screens for Time, Periodicity, PSK, FSK, Multi-Carrier PSK/QAM and OFDM
  • Waterfall, Spectrum, Histogram, Autocorrelation, Constellation, Scatte display etc.
  • FM and AM demodulator to remove primary modulation.
  • DDC for simple signal selection (frequency and time range)
  • Due to the complexity of the software, not all functions are described on the website. Also see brochures & manuals
  • Windows or LINUX