go2MONITOR Features


go2MONITOR main task is to simplify radio monitoring.

  1. Wide band frequency range(s) are intercepted
  2. Classification of the signals in the wideband spectrum
  3. Signal selection (manual or automatic) and extraction by Digital Down Conversion (DDC)
  4. The output of the DDC is assigned to an automatic production channel (APC)
  5. Analysis of the narrow band signal, demodulation and decoding

An important feature of the go2MONITOR software is that the user can extend on its own the existing decoder library by using go2DECODE.

The selection of signals for decoding can be automatic or manual.

  • Manual mode: The operator selects a signal in the spectrogram or uses results from the snapshot classifier. The  system can selects the correct decoder to decode the signal. Manual decoder selection is also possible. Up to eight signals can be decodes and displayed on the screen. For more channels,  Automatic Monitoring and Tasking (AMT) is used.
  • Automatic mode: Based on set of rules defined by the operator, the product will automatically search for signals, demodulate, decode and store the results. This leaves the operator free to concentrate on the unknown signal types that emerge