WBR Option


With this option go2MONITOR is able record up to 20 MHz wideband IQ data real time from the receiver without quality loss on hard-disc.

Product go2MONITOR-WBR Option
Delivery New license file for go2MONITOR
Requirement go2MONITOR-1/2/4/8
1 additional server to run go2MONITOR-WCR
Recommended go2MONITOR-4/8
Can be combined with:
Use cases Full automatic monitoring
Training Part of go2MONITOR training, 4 days
Price Ask


The option extends the recording bandwidth up to 20 MHz. A separate wide band recording component is used.

You can review and edit your recordings in the recording editor. Select and mark signals or a group of signals to be processed. It is possible to export a single signal or a selection of signals to a new file, usable as new input in go2MONITOR. This allows with some restrictions to do manual dehopping (Select and mark all single hopper bursts in the go2MONITOR wide band recording, save them as playlist and open the playlist in go2DECODE).


  • up to 20 MHz Bandwidth
  • Record editor
  • Recording scheduler
  • The FFT of the input signal is stored together with the IF to provide fast spectrum display and navigation
  • Same File format as PROCITEC WiRAS (for advanced recording analysis)

More bandwidth?

Please contact us if more bandwidth is required!