shoc go2DECODE Training


The training course comprises a detailed presentation of all go2DECODE components, which are demonstrated in many practical examples. In addition, participants will verify their understanding of signal analysis, demodulators and decoders by practicing with various types of recorded signals. Part of the time will be reserved for discussing individual tasks and problems as well as analysing signals provided by the participants.


After the training, participants will be able to understand the functions and handling of go2DECODE, and will acquire basic skills in analysing modulated signals and creating suitable modems for manual or automatic signal detection and production.

Target Audience

  • Operators
  • Analysts and supervisors

Knowledge required

  • The participant should be familiar with fundamentals of communication technology.


  • General software introduction
  • Fundamentals of digital signal modulation
  • User interface overview
  • Signal interfacing and adjustments
  • Rapid pre-classification of modulation types
  • Analysing signals
  • Setting up demodulators
  • Analysis of demodulation results
  • Setting up modems and modem lists
  • Automatic production and signal recording
  • General training with recorded signals
  • Brief introduction to Decoder Description Language (DDL/pyDDL)
  • Special questions and individual tasks


1. Day - Overview - General Concept

  • System Overview, Components and Tools
  • General Handling, User Interfaces, Examples
  • Concept of Automatic Production
  • Understanding and Identifying Basic Modulation Types

2. Day - Basic Signal Analysis

  • Analyzing FSK2-Signals
  • Analyzing Multitone (FSKn) Signals
  • Exercises
  • Signal Simulation with SOMO

3. Day - Setting Up Modems and Automatic Production

  • Setting up Decoders
  • Analysis of Demodulation Results
  • Setting Up Modem Type Lists for Automating Production
  • Analyzing Single Channel PSK Signals
  • Analyzing Multi Channel PSK Signals
  • Exercises

4. Day - Special Aspects

  • Special Modulation Types (MSK, OFDM, Spread Spectrum Methods etc.
  • Analysing Primary Modulated Signals (FM, AM)
  • Special User Interface Functions
  • Programming Classifier Patterns
  • Special Modulation Types (MSK, OFDM, Spread Spectrum Methods etc.)
  • Decoder Description Language DDL/pyDDL (overview)
  • Technical problem troubleshooting
  • Special Questions / Discussion

(5. Day - Further Examples)

  • Additional Practical Training
  • Analyzing Customer Signals


  • 4 days or 5 days


  • Customer premises
  • In a Swiss alpine resort
  • Webinar


Training Location Remarks
Price (CHF)
TR-go2D-IH In-house 4 days + teacher accommodation and flights
10 000
TR-go2D-CH Switzerland 4 days + students accommodation and flights
12 000
TR-go2D-WB Webinar 4 days 3 hours each
3 600