go2MONITOR System Integration


go2MONITOR is an open system and offers various functions for exchanging data with other applications, systems or solutions and offers full remote control capabilities. The remote control interface offers all necessary functions to integrate go2MONITOR into your application.

ADVANTAGE: Your product will be on the market sooner and you won't have the risk and cost of in-house development.

  • Remote Control of the software via TCP/IP
  • Interface Control Document (ICD) available
  • API for C++ and Java with samples
  • Directly access all result files stored in the file system or SQL database
  • Streaming
  • Special integrator training/introduction
  • See here for the go2MONITOR Brochure for Integrators

Python Scripting

  • Create scripts by programming or GUI-action recording
  • Interface to additional software/hardware (direction finders DF, external tools etc)
  • Place buttons on the button bar
  • Decoder and scripts can run side by side.
  • Use scripts for data structuring, data import/export, reports
  • Python command line: Send commands from the command line or from batch files to go2MONITOR.
  • Nice for simple automation