shoc VUHF Frequency List

shoc VHF UJF Frequency List

Professional database of VHF- UHF stations from center Europe.
Later we will try to add alo data from other continents.

shoc Frquency Lists (databases)

  • We maintain databases since 1983 (starting with a (Osborne CPM/M with dbase 2)
  • We can offer you regular updates because up-to-date information is a must for your daily work with go2MONITOR.
  • In go2MONITOR you can change, delete and add data.
  • The list is in the correct format to allow direct import into go2MONITOR.
  • Please contact us if you have special requirements.
  • We can also import/convert and customize your database to work with go2MONITOE or any other product.


Product Content Price (EUR)
HF Frequency List 1.6 MHz -30 MHz
about 10'000 records.
VHF-UHF Frequency List 30 MHz - 10 GHz (avail 1. Dec. 2018) 600.00
Frequency Package The Package contains:
- HF Frequency List
- VHF-UHF Frequency List