Release History

go2ANALYSE Release History

go2ANALYSE R 19.1, Jan 2019

Bug Fixes

  • improved support for display scaling and custom font sizes
  • block selection with shift key
  • save block selection to file
go2ANALYSE R 18.1, June 2018

Features and Improvements

  • Upgraded GUI framework (Qt5)

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid out of memory exception when copying bits from bit display to clipboard
  • Bit display was sometimes not refreshed after font size change
  • Fix scrollbar in bit display on font size changes
  • Offset value was limited after unpausing or changing the channel number
go2ANALYSE R 17.2, Dec. 2018


  • support for Codemeter licensing

Bug Fixes

  • Workflow parameters could not be changed
  • Bit display correctly resize axis labeling when zooming
  • Cross correlation in case of large bit files significantly reduce memory footprint and time to display results
go2ANALYSE R 3.1.0, Jul. 2016


  • availability of 64 bit version
  • significantly reduced overall memory consumption
  • maximum size of binary files to load increased to 100 MB
  • work flow history is saved to hard disk and not to RAM
  • Drag&Drop for .rec files
  • replaced some builtin functions with user functions (DDL decoder)
  • saving as PROCEED .rec file (for DecoderDebugger): bits per symbol, number of channels and symbol rate can be parameterized
  • dialog for correlation overhauled
  • Search LFSR improved: show in bit display only bits for selected polynomial
  • increased performance of all views
  • added parameter offset to view Map Bits to Text

Bug Fixes

  • overall stability increased
  • keep burst information as long as possible, i.e. as long as bit stream is not modifiedw
  • ork flow handling made more consistent
  • fixed Bitstream XOR
  • interleaving did not work reliable
  • SendTo External Tool: bit stream was incorrect
  • avoid overflow in case of large bit streams when using DDL decoder
  • when opening new bit display after changes to a bit stream were carried out then keep display parameters (offset, circulation length, font etc.)
  • values were not sorted correctly in result table for LFSR search
  • if bits were selected in reverse order in bit display then tagging did not work as expected
  • save bits selected in bit display (context menu): bit stream was incorrect
go2ANALYSE R 2.3.0, Jul. 2014

Several bug fixes

go2ANALYSE R 2.2.1, May 2014

Bug fix: setup did not work on 64 bit Windows

go2ANALYSE R 2.2.1, Jan. 2014

Bug fix: Licensing

go2ANALYSE R 2.2.0, Jun. 2013


  • Windows 7 version
  • Adaptions for multi user functions
  • Adaptions for OEM Versions
  • New Setup for automatic software installation
go2ANALYSE R 2.1.0, Feb. 2012


  • Read and write binary files
  • Interface to Hex Editor Neo included
  • User function for signature search included