go2MONITOR 17.2.1

go2MONITOR 17.2.1

by Rolf Haenggi (comments: 0)

go2MONITOR R 17.2.1, Mar. 2018

Features and Improvements


  • Fixed max. bandwidth license check if there are different max. license bandwidths for HF and VUHF
  • Fixed GUI problem with using SignalServer running on different IP addresses
  • Fixed problem with signal selection in a narrowband channel if channel bandwidth is reduced to be smaller than the signal selection
  • If input bandwidth is higher than max license bandwidth, GUI will not switch to “None" input to allow user to switch to bandwidth back to the allowed one
  • Fixed problems with Gain setting and IZT R3xxx receiver. In initial configuration, before gain was set from the GUI, WB - spectrogram performed auto range in regular intervals causing flickering effects.
  • Fixed some issues with TCP connection monitoring
  • Fixed negative frequency values in the APC result if parameterized frequency is > 2.4 GHz
  • Fixed links in decoder result window (narrowband channel) if result storage is on a UNC path of the form \\ip\path
  • Fixed restoring last used decoder in a narrowband channel, Decoding mode
  • Fixed RCM crash on bandwidth change with some ExtIO receivers
  • Fixed IZTR3xxx narrowband receiver template (Cominterface setting was missing)
  • Improved decoder result processing performance in the GUI (important for modems delivering many decoder results like Tetra or DMR)

Included software components

  • SSC: v17.2.1
  • APC Controller: v17.2.1
  • APC: v17.2.1
  • SignalServer: v17.2.1
  • BCU: v17.2.1
  • RCM: v17.2.1
  • GUI: v17.2.1
  • ResultViewer: v17.2.1
  • Database: v11

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