Monitoring Suite

go2signals Monitoring Suite

Radio monitoring, the easy way. The recognized top decoder!

With go2MONITOR you have a software tool that covers the entire workflow in the area of radio signal monitoring and COMINT. The standard software is modular, configurable and scalable to best suit your needs.

go2MONITOR 1/2/4/8/32/...

Radio monitoring, signal classification, decoding and recording software solution for complete signal scenario surveillance (HF, VHF, UHF, SAT bands)
- Core product includes all standard product features
- Optional product features can be added


Optimized go2MONITOR for low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP).
For deployment scenarios that typically require a high degree of mobility and portability (with limited computing and display resources).


go2MONITOR Operator allows multiple users at additional workstations to access a central go2MONITOR independently and process signals autonomously
- Shared access to the processing resources of a central go2MONITOR system
- Local use of free narrowband channels for independent signal processing
- Access to active wideband signal inputs (centrally controlled)
- Viewing and processing of all results from a common, central database
- Including an additional ResultViewer
- With the NRC option it is also possible to use
- Hand-off receivers can be assigned directly to an operator (requires NRC option)
- Required: Workstation/notebook, Full-HD display, LAN


ResultViewer application to connect multiple users to a central go2MONITOR 1/2/4/8/32/LowSwap and use the data.

- Share access to a central go2MONITOR results database
- View and edit all results while go2MONITOR adds new results in parallel
- Listen to audio, including IF recordings
- View filtered and grouped results, graphical and tabular display, data import/export
- Installation on an additional workstation (access to the central system via network)
- ResultViewer application can connect to multiple databases (not simultaneously)
- Required: Workstation/notebook, Full HD display, LAN


C++ library for integration of automatic signal classifier functionality
Faster than real-time processing depending on hardware performance

Multi-stage classification concept:
- Signal detection and segmentation
- Classification of modulation types
- Classification of modems

- Digital IF (complex I/Q) via memory buffer
- Digital IF/AF recordings (real / complex WAV 8, 16, 32 Bit)