Integration, Projects

For continuous monitoring, we recommend mounting your hardware in 19-inch racks.

This can be done for:

  • Antenna power supply
  • Antenna multi-coupler
  • Antenna switches
  • Antenna rotor control
  • AM, FM-Broadcast, DAB etc. filters
  • Receivers
  • Computers
  • NAS
  • Cooling
  • IP-controlled power strip

In our setups, all devices are self-contained (have their own power supply). This means that the devices can be operated independently at any time.

The central feature of our approach is modular design

We would be happy to submit you a non-binding offer for:

  • Consulting regarding device selection and system layout
  • Integration and test of the devices


  • Simple transportation
  • Quick replacement
  • Robust enclosures
  • AC Filtering and linear power supplies
  • Inputs/Outputs add the required filtering


Easy installation, as all connectors are usually located on the front side.