go2DECODE What's New?

Check the newest release notes (also available on request) for further details

Release 20.1 (January 2020)

Features & Improvements

  • Better performance with optimized IPP2019 vector functions
  • Use of frequency information in modems
  • Better handling of End of Signal (EOS) in signal input stream


  • Robust Packet
  • ALE 3G: demodulation of BW7 with adapted equalizer
  • FSK 400/500splitted  on two modems: CHN MIL 4FSK 400Hz and CHN MIL 4FSK 500Hz
  • APCO25, DMR, dPMR: Improved decoder performance due to soft decision demodulator


  • Metadata extraction from Thuraya uplink decoder
  • Detector for Thuraya uplink, IsatPhone uplink, Iridium uplink
  • Detector for Link22 as described in STANAG4539 Annex D
  • Robust Packet: Complete decoding of PSK2 and PSK4 transmission mode
  • APCO25 Phase 2 downlink: full decoding including voice in both slots and meta data
  • Thuraya sat phone uplink: full decoding of RACH bursts including phone number and GPS-position
  • ALE 3G: Decoding of BW7 bursts including automatic mode detection
  • CODAN 3212: mode (3012 / 3212 / auto) selectable
  • DCS-SelCal: decoding in combination with voice detector
  • Tetrapol: Voice decoding in unencrypted case
  • Tetrapol: VHF encoding mode
  • NXDN: improved performance of automatic key recovery (scramble mode)
  • STANAG 4285: automatic mode search improved and increased error limit
  • 'Status' output channel for live decoder status. This output channel summarizes important meta data and status information (e.g. Tetra Country Code) in one single line
  • 'Notify' output channel to separate user information from decoder result


  • Signalhound BB60C receiver
  • CommsAudit CA7852 receiver (only IQ signal, no receiver control)
  • WinRadio G35DDC, DLL version updated to v1.4.2.45
  • R&S EM100, support for older Firmware versions included (<v5.0)NARDA SignalShark also available under Linux


  • Added status bar in result viewer for live decoder results
  • Added dialog to edit frequency ranges of modem
  • Added switch to deactivate exclusion of modems due to wrong frequency range
  • Improved audio quality for digital modes when using AGC
  • Minor improvement in decoder property GUI layout
  • Ask for confirmation before clearing decoder output window
  • New shortcut F6 for tile + restore parameter field hiding


  • Added option to set receiver frequency for loaded signal file
  • Better handling of End of Signal (EOS) when replaying file list
  • Optional flush at file end is now disabled is default

Release V19.2 (July 2019)

Most Important Features & Improvements

  • Added support for PXGF signal streams. Also included is a PXGF->WAV file converter.
  • Substantial changes in the APC XML output format!!
    Some of the changes are not backwards compatible. i.e. all tools that use the XML format output must be adapted for release v19.2. For details refer to APC Results ICD document.


  • Mil39Tone: Better burst detection and frequency offset correction
  • Improved channel filter for DMR
  • STANAG4538/ALE3G: New specific demodulator, adaptive equalizer for PSK8 bursts, adaptive multi-path tracking rake receiver for DSSS modulated bursts, improved burst detection


  • New APCO25 Phase 2 down link detector
  • Voice: output of burstinfo
  • Improved voice detector for J3E USB/LSB Nominal
  • Voice: output of burstinfo
  • Mil39Tone: Supports all bit rates and encoding modes , automatic mode detection
  • DMR: TDMA dual direct mode, decoding of rate 1/2 data messages, output of binary data in HEX
  • NXDN: Better detection of NXDN signals, automatic key recovery (scrambler mode)
  • Tetrapol: Better detection Tetrapol signals and if encryption is enabled
  • STANAG4415: Binary data output to file
  • STANAG5065: Binary data output to file
  • STANAG4538/ALE3G: Decoding for BW2 and BW3 (was detection only), BW6
  • Olivia: Added 64 tones variant
  • APCO25:Improved voice decoding
  • YAESU Fusion: Soft-decision decoder with improved performance


  • NARDA SignalShark, control receiver frequency, bandwidth and gain
  • R&S ESMD, IQ stream input support, (control available optionally by using Python scripts)
  • ThinkRF R5500 (408/427)
  • ThinkRF WSA5000 (408)
  • ExtIO plugins: 64-bit interface will also work, Removed drivers that arfe under GPLfrom the standard product


  • Shortcut for fast switching between display windows
  • Show error message in bottom status bar in red color
  • Result Display
    • Shortcut and spin-box for text zooming
    • Detection column is now sorted according to actual recognition status
    • Sorting order is now restored at restart
    • Hell Display: set line height to 1 (fix for HF Fax output)

Sonagram Viewer

Displays WAV files larger than 2 GB