go2MONITOR Applications


ITU Monitoring, Radio Regulations

  • go2DECODE connected to a receiver gives you a powerful tool for radio monitoring (demodulation, decoding, recording, analysis). It can be connected to both digital and analogue receivers.
  • Automatic decoding of known signal types
  • Automatic recording of unknown signal types
  • go2DECODE can support the user of an NSMS (National Spectrum Management System) in the following areas::
    • Spectrum monitoring
    • Law enforcement
    • Inspection of radio installations
    • Rules, regulations and associated standards
    • Spectrum engineering

Tactical Operations

  • C-ESM support
  • Signals exploitation
  • Signal acquisition, analysis and reporting
  • User Specific Actions, Control Interface. The Python scripting engine provides all the function that are not supported "out-of the-box"
  • Ready to be integrated into handheld receivers
  • Rapid decision unit
  • OTM (On The Move)

Strategic COMINT

  • Decoder development for new signals. This decoders can also be applied to go2MONITOR or PLATH systems.
  • Local analysis for pre-evaluation
  • Spectrum monitoring and frequency management