go2signals go2DECODE Application

ITU Monitoring, radio regulations

  • go2DECODE connected to a receiver gives you a powerful tool for radio monitoring (demodulation, decoding, recording, analysis). It can be connected to both digital and analogue receivers.
  • Automatic decoding of known signal types
  • Automatic recording of unknown signal types
  • go2DECODE can support the user of an NSMS (National Spectrum Management System) in the following areas::
    • Spectrum monitoring
    • Law enforcement
    • Inspection of radio installations
    • Rules, regulations and associated standards
    • Spectrum engineering

Tactical operations

  • C-ESM support
  • Signals exploitation
  • Signal acquisition, analysis and reporting
  • User Specific Actions, Control Interface. The Python scripting engine provides all the function that are not supported "out-of the-box"
  • Ready to be integrated into handheld receivers
  • Rapid decision unit
  • OTM (On The Move)

Strategic COMINT

  • Decoder development for new signals. This decoders can be applied to go2MONITOR or PLATH systems.
  • Local analysis for pre-evaluation
  • Spectrum monitoring and frequency management

Manual and automatic signal monitoring

go2DECODE is used to monitor a single frequency.

The Automatic Production Channel (APC) buffers the incoming signal, allowing lossless detection and decoding without losing the first bit of an emission.

When a signal is detected, the APC searches the modem list for known modem types. Signal parameters such as center frequency and baud rate are determined and displayed. Decoded text is displayed as plain text or as a formatted XML stream. Digital audio can be played back. All th e output can be saved to disk.

Manual analysis of unkown signals

Unknown signals can be recorded (automatically or manually). Later these recordings are used for signals analysis, measuring modulation and coding parameters. A wide set of integrated analysis tools supports the analyst. This information and recordings can be later used to modify existing or implement new decoders.

Creation of new decoders

In contrast to other prodcts, the end customer has the possibility to create his own or to modify existing decoders.

The operator is able to set up a demodulator and parameterize the demodulator for a signal.

With the Decoder Description Language (DDL/pyDDL) new decoders ca be created. Existing decoders can be modified because the DDL/pyDDL source code of many decoders is part of the package. A debugger is also part of the go2DECODE Professional version (Spyder is used for the PYTHON decoders).

The decoders implemented in go2DECODE can be exported to go2MONITOR by simple drag and drop.