go2signals go2ANALYSE Features

  • Extensive set of logical, statistical, demultiplexing, deinterleaving, LFSR, search and binary decoding functions
  • Apply demultiplexing and deinterleaving
  • Use existing decoder code as templates
  • Apply multiple alphabets and create user-defined code tables
  • Record, save and replay your analysis steps
  • Adapt or modify existing functions by applying a scripting language

Command and Analysis History

For rapid and efficient analysis even on complex bitstreams go2ANALYSE offers an integrated workflow management. The whole analysis workflow is captured seamlessly and detailed - each step and interim results can be saved, replayed, and reproduced at any time.

Bitstream Visualization and Navigation

An extensive set of high level logical, statistical and mathematical bit analysis functions facilitates the analysis as well as different views on the bits or results of the analysis functions.

User-Defined Functions

Use the open structure of the go2ANALYSE software to optimize and accelerate your decoder development. Even complex bitstream analysis techniques can be performed, as existing functions can be used with the help of the Decoder Description Language (DDL).