go2signals go2ANALYSE Application

  • Check and verify unidentified bitstreams against known / existing decoders
  • Visualize, evaluate and process demodulated bit streams
  • Identification and display of previously unrecorded coding details and parameters
  • Search for repeating and non-periodic patterrecursive sequences
  • Analyze existing decoders

In depth analysis too for specialists

go2ANALYSE is a user-friendly and powerful bit viewer tool. It provides the analyst with all necessary information for offline analysis, editing and processing of radio communication bit streams and helps to understand coding behavior. Analysts can use this information to create own decoders or detectors.
Customers can adapt their go2signals monitoring and decoding solution to changing signal environments and keep it up-to-date...

Quality improvement

To improve the quality of the results, the output can be analyzed and further customized to provide better or enhanced results.

Forensic analysis

Forensic analyses of demodulated data signals at bit-stream level are possible. This can be used to detect modem-typical features, e.g.