go2MONITOR Key Facts

Panorama Display

(if delivered from receiver)

FFT /Spectrogram

with DDC Channels

Classifier results

Automatic update. display configurable

DDC channel

with active decoder list
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go2MONITOR, Automatic Multichannel Monitoring

Manual processing of relevant intercepted communication is too expensive, slow, insecure and incomplete. In this situation, an automatic, flexible and extensible approach with reasonable scope and cost must be used.
go2MONITOR is a software for manual or automatic HF, VHF, UHF, SHF:

  • multi-channel signal detection
  • classification
  • demodulation
  • decoding
  • recording
  • receiver SDR control.

go2MONITOR has an easy-to-use interface. A single tool offers all necessary processing steps - classification, demodulation, recording and decoding - in tactical and strategic environments.

COMINT, SIGINT, Signal Corps, Homeland Security, Civil

go2MONITOR is a stand-alone application and is perfectly suited for all positions in defense and security organizations.

Strategic AND Tactical

Tactical operation usually requires only a few channels, but the user interface must be as simple as possible. Configurations for On-the-March (OTM) monitoring are possible.
In strategic monitoring, the number of channels, bandwidth, and automatic monitoring are key factors.
go2MONITOR has proven to be an excellent solution for both situations.

EW, Situational Awareness

Forces shall have unrestricted access to information on the use of the electromagnetic environment. This requires a continuous update of the data collected by the sensors.

Mission Planning

Advance commands, need a small and automatic system to get the necessary data for a successful mission planning at home.

Spectrum Monitoring

We provide the telecom regulatory authorities (ITU) with information about the use of the frequency spectrum and, where required, the data to identify intruders.

System Integrator

A remote control interface offers all necessary functions to integrate go2MONITOR into your application.
ADVANTAGE: Your product will be on the market earlier and you do not have the risk and and cost of development in-house.
Please contact us if you need more information about the ICD and the API.

Product Overview

Product go2MONITOR-xxx
Delivery Software
Required Windows 7/10
Recommended go2DECODE
Use cases Manual decoding
Automatic multichannel decoding
Broadband spectrum classification
Frequency statistics
Recording for offline analysis
Live analog/digital voice monitoring
Tactical or strategical COMINT
Sea-, airborne, mobile setup
Training 2 or 4 days
Price starting at €12 000.00

Ordering Information

Code Produkt
go2MON-1 (2/4/8) HF/VHF/UHF monitoring solution up to 1 MHz bw
go2MON-1-MIL (2/4/8/16/32) MIL Decoder option for go2MON-X
Requires EUC outside Germany
go2MON-1-PMR (2/4/8/16/32) PMR Decoder. Option for go2MON-X
Requires EUC outside EU
go2MON/X-AMT Automatic Monitoring and Tasking
Option for go2MONITOR-X
go2MON-4-NRC (8) Narrowband receiver control for 4/8 receivers
Option for go2MONITOR-4/8
go2MON/X-WBR-5 (10/20) Wideband Recording 5/10/20 MHz.
Option for go2MONITOR-X
Requires go2MON/X-WCL-5/10/20
go2MON/X-WCL-5 (10/20) Wideband Classification/Input
VHF/UHF: 5 MHz, HF: 1 MHz
VHF/UHF: 10 MHz, HF: 1 MHz
VHF/UHF: 20 MHz, HF: 2.4 MHz
Option for go2MONITOR-X
go2MON/X-WMPC-16 (32) 16/32 CH Production
Option for go2MON-4 (16CH) or go2MON-8 (32CH)
Requires go2MON/X-AMT
go2MON/X-HOPD-20 Hopper Detection
Option for go2MON-4 or 8
Requires go2MON/X-AMT and go2MON/X-WCL-20
Update Software update and maintenance
12 months: 15%


  • Fully automatic signal processing of data and voice signals on multiple channels
  • Simultaneous automatic AND manual monitoring
  • Multiple coherent wideband inputs up to 2.4 MHz (HF) or 20 MHz (VHF/UHF/SHF) , 6 GHz scan mode
  • Modular scalability from one to hundreds of channels
  • Panorama overview, if provided by the receiver
  • The extended GUI supports window preferences, Drag & Drop, an integrated station list and status display
  • No long trainings necessary, as it is extremely easy-to-use.
  • User definable automatic signal search
  • Parallel and permanent classification and decoding of signals
  • ICD, API's and training for easys integration
  • User-expandable decoder library
  • Python for scripting and decoder development using go2DECODE
  • Bulk file processing (narrow and wide-band files)

Never miss a signal

go2MONITOR assists the user in monitoring up to hundreds of signals in parallel. The automatic buffering of the entire wideband signal input allows switching to new signals without loss of information.

Signals can be easily monitored with the station list and the extensive decoder library.