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go2ANALYSE, Bit Level Analysis Software

go2ANALYSE is a user friendly and very powerful tool for the analysis of recorded bit streams. It offers a variety of statistical, mathematical and manipulative functions to determine the characteristics of the protocols. This is the tool you need, if you like to analyze or "hack" unknown codes.

Analyse Unknown Protocols

For manipulating, binary data sources are required, either standardized binary raw data or formats supplied by go2MONITOR or go2DECODE. The product offers a multitude of statistical, mathematical and manipulative functions to determine the characteristics of the applied coding, combined with vital features such as bit stream visualizations in various formats, logic operations and editing functions.
The analyzing process is simplified by the possibility to record, save and replay the analyzing steps. Further, existing DDL decoders can be applied to the bit stream currently processed, and the code tables and alphabets in use are accessible for alterations.
The entire workflow is documented in individual steps.They can be reproduced step by step at any time. Intermediate results can be displayed in each step.
go2ANALYSE is intended for users with previous knowledge in the theory of coding and error correction as well as the corresponding know-how in mathematics and algorithms.

Product go2ANALYSE
Delivery Software
Requirement Windows 7/10
Know-how about protocols, error correction and wireless communications
Programming skills
Recommended go2DECODE
Use cases Data analysis
Decoder development
Analysis of unknown protocols
Decoder optimization
Training part of 4 Days DDL training
Price starting at 17'200 €


  • Wide range of logical, statistical, demultiplexing, deinterleaving, LFSR, search and binary modulations functions
  • Modify functions using a scripting language
  • Recording, saving and replay of analysis steps
  • Display of the quality of symbols or bits
  • Use of DDL decoders
  • Several alphabets and user-definable code tables
  • Easy implementation of libraries and use of external programs
  • Programming interface for C, C++, etc. for additional extensibility

Analyse & Program

Never again wait until a decoder comes on the market!
With go2DECODE & go2ANALYSE you get all tools to analyze the signals and program a new decoder.