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  • HP Z2 Mini G4 Performance Workstation



  • Direct control and wideband SDR's with IQ-data (>500 kHz) transfer?
  • Panorama IF: Is the wideband IF available from a SDR?
  • Is direct tuning and decoding from wideband FFT possible?
  • Multi-Decoding (multiple protocols on same signal, multiple signals)
  • Maximum signal-bandwidth that can be classified (>500 kHz)
  • Update policy
  • Possibility to add own protocols
  • Inputs: AF, IQ data, files, streams
  • Supported receivers
  • Source code of decoders available?



  • IQ-data Ouput (>500 kHz)
    We do no longer recommend any analog receivers! If your receiver has no IQ data output, connect and SDR to the IF output of your receiver, install the software and use the IQ data output for decoding
  • Frequency range, HF, VHF, UHF
  • Number of antenna inputs
  • Outputs for decoders (IQ, USB, TCP/IP)
  • LAN, bandwidth requirements
  • Ease of operation
  • Hardware & service manual available

Antennas, Accessories


  • Use the best antenna you can effort
  • If possible, work with multiple antennas
  • Balun or matchbox have to be located near the antenna feed, not on the receiver input!
  • Use excellent cables, switches and connectors
  • Do not use to many switches or connectors
  • Don't split cables
  • Check for good grounding
  • Use a multicoupler if you use more then one receiver


Last update on 2020-05-06 by R. Haenggi.

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