How to update go2DECODE


  • DVD containing newest go2D version
  • DVD containing license
  • CmStick USB hardware token


  1. go2D can be installed in parallel to an older version if the old and the new version differ in major and/or minor version number
  2. If you want to keep your old go2D and install your new go2D 20.2.0 in parallel, then please skip 3) and continue with 4).
  3. De-installation of your old go2D: Please right-click on the Windows start menu logo. Then please select "Apps and Features". On the list of installed programs please left-click go2DECODE <old version number>. Then please left-click button "Uninstall" and follow successive de-installation steps.
  4. Installation of new go2D 20.2.0: Please make sure that your CmStick is NOT (!!!) attached to your computer. If it is attached then please remove it. Now please insert the DVD with go2D into your DVD drive.
  5. Open the installation folder on the DVD and double click with the left mouse button on "setup.exe". If your autorun function is active on your computer, "setup.exe" can be executed automatically without clicking.
  6. Select your preferred language and follow the installation wizard (e.g. accept license by left-clicking on "Yes", select installation folder, etc.) and wait until the wizard reports "Installation complete" or "Installation finished". Before you exit the wizard, please check the box "Show Readme.txt". This readme.txt file contains further valuable information. Finally, close the installation wizard.
  7. After successful installation of go2D,  insert the CmStick token into a free USB port of your computer.
  8. Please remove the DVD mentioned in 6) from your DVD drive.
  9. Insert the DVD with the license file into your DVD drive.
  10. Start go2D 20.2.0 by double-clicking with the left mouse button on the desktop icon or by selecting it from the Windows start menu.
  11. go2D 20.2.0 reports "No default.maw available ... Do you want to load ...". Please click on "Yes" to this question in the dialog window, select the license file (default.maw) stored on the inserted DVD and left-click on "Open" or "Load".
  12. go2D loads your license file, copies it to the user folder C:\User\<Username>\go2SIGNALS\go2DECODE 20.2\default.maw, checks the validity of the license file and the CmStick and finally starts.
  13. Remove the DVD from the DVD drive.
  14. You can use go2D as long as the CmStick is connected to your computer. If you remove the CmStick while go2D is running, go2D will continue to run for about one minute and then quit itself.

Last update on 2020-09-18 by R. Haenggi.

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