DANA: Remote control using comand line

Just start DANA with the parameter /? and you will see a list of all possible commands.


c:\Program Files (x86)\go2SIGNALS\go2DECODE 5.2.0\applications>dana /?
c:\Program Files (x86)\go2SIGNALS\go2DECODE 5.2.0\applications>
Usage: DANA [Options] [filenames|directories]
(C) Copyright PROCITEC GmbH 2016
  -channel [<1,2-5,...,N>]    comma separated list of channels to be used,
                              no arguments displays a list of usable channels
  -clearlist                  clears the playlist
  -sortlist                   sorts the playlist
  -quit                       quit DANA
  -sound                      sets source to sound
  -sounddevice [n]            choose ONE sound device, no argument displays all available devices
  -sound-inrate <sample rate> set sample rate for audio device [Hz] (default: 48000 Hz)
  -file                       sets source to file
  -playlist                   sets source to playlist
  -noloop                     turns off looping of file/playlist
  -loop                       turns on looping  of file/playlist
  -keepdc                     DC filter is inactivated
  -removedc                   DC filter is activated
  -fullspan                   input filter is inactivated
  -filter                     input filter is activated
  -startfreq <frequency [Hz]> sets start frequency of input filter
  -endfreq   <frequency [Hz]> sets end   frequency of input filter
  -freq      <frequency [Hz]> sets relative frequency in input for IF
  -rf        <frequency [Hz]> sets absolute frequency in input for IF
  -iffromwav                  use IF from wav file
  -noiffromwav                do not use IF from wav file
  -nomirror                   mirroring is deactivated
  -mirror                     mirroring is activated
  -filetime                   sets signal time to file time
  -systime                    sets signal time to system time
  -start                      starts processing
  -stop                       stops processing
  -speed <real time factor>   set file playback speed (default: 1.0)
  -network-outrate <outrate>  set the nominal network output sample rate [Hz].
                              If the string 'auto' is specified, the outrate will be
                              dynamically adjusted to the input sample rate.
  -nogui                      headless mode
  -nospec                     deactivate spectrum view
  DataPortBase=<port>         set DANA base port (TCP signal server listens at an offset of 1)

To playback a file, send

dana –stop (to stop current playback)
dana –file xxx.wav
dana -start

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