Additional DDC bandwidths

Edit in the user directory the "signalserver.conf" file

Modify the follwong section (eddit, modify, remove lines):

    <add key="MaxSampleRate" value="2500000" />
    <add key="MaxChannelCount" value="4" />
      <add key="BW1" value="500.0" />
      <add key="BW2" value="2000.0"  />
      <add key="BW3" value="3000.0" />
      <add key="BW4" value="5000.0"  />
      <add key="BW5" value="10000.0"  />
      <add key="BW6" value="15000.0"  />
      <add key="BW7" value="20000.0"  />
      <add key="BW8" value="25000.0"  />
      <add key="BW9" value="30000.0"  />
      <add key="BW10" value="50000.0"  />
      <add key="BW11" value="100000.0" />
      <add key="BW12" value="200000.0" />

In the sample above 200kHz, 3 kHz and 500 Hz have been added.

In the past with old analog receivers it was always recommend to use the smallest possible filter. With go2MONITOR and go2DECODE this is no longer necessary and is even sometimes a disadvantage. Use a wider bandwidth, it will allow the system to apply its own correct filtering on the signal. Additionally out of signal disturbances can be used for optimization

Last update on 2019-03-14 by Rolf Haenggi.

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