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Hows Can I Convert a TCI Blackbird CAP File to a WAV File?

Important note: From version 20.2 on, blackbird cap files can be processed directly from go2MONITOR!

Proceed as follows:

  • Load the file as raw data into Audacity. Use the following settings:
    • Signed 32 Bit
    • Big Endian
    • 2 channels (stereo)
    • Offset 512 Byte
    • Sampling rate depends on the recording
  • After loading, amplify the signal for a peak level of -10 dB.
  • Export to a wav file
  • Use the wavtext tool to add the following metadata into a txt file:
    • File type: complex
    • Sampling rate depends on the recording
    • Center frequency depends on the recording  

That's it

If you have many files, write a batch file for automatic processing
You can also use SoX instead of Audacity to do the conversion.

Last update on 2024-02-06 by Rolf Haenggi.

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