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How to Split Large Bandwidth Files?

Sometimes you face the problem that you have a file that may have been recorded with 25 MHz bandwidth, but the software can only handle 1 MHz.

In this situation I recommend the following approach:

  1. Load the wav file into Sonagram Viewer (this is a standalone application that comes with go2MONITOR).
  2. Determine the center frequency of the signal that you need for further processing.
  3. Start the SDR DataFile Editor (is part of the excellent SDR Console https://www.sdr-radio.com)
  4. Create a sequence with 0.5 or 1 MHz bandwidth for the previously determined center frequency.
  5. Start the splitting
  6. Use the newly created file with go2MONITOR or go2DECODE

Last update on 2024-03-27 by Rolf Haenggi.

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