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How Can I Add META Data to Wav Files?

The “wavetxt.exe” (available on request) application serves to provide the additional information required for the signal processing software if they are not contained in the wav file or if they are wrong. This additional txt-file can be generated with the application wavetxt.exe or be setup manually and must be stored together with the .wav file in the same directory.

If you have a test.wav file then the associated txt-file is test.txt!

The structure of the txt-file is:

			// Comments 
0.0 // Signal-Number, File-Number (not required)
1 // Number of channels, (not required, 1)
10250 // Absolute frequency (not required, -1)
48000.00000 // Sample rate (Hz) of the wav file (can be modified to correct errors)    
3631 38282000 0 // Preprocessing parameters (not required)

The txt-file can be automatically generated with the application wavetxt.exe. The tool is normally started from the command line or from a batch file.


wavetxt [-cx|-re] [f=<frequency>] <input wave filename>


  • -cx, complex
  • -re, real]
  • f= x, absolute receiver center frequency (required if the application should display the true signal frequency


wavetxt –cx f=10250 test.wav (will produce the structure above)


  • The sample rate needs not to be specified, as the value from the wav file will be used. Later you can modify the value to correct errors!
  • Avoid spaces in file names.

Last update on 2024-02-07 by Rolf Haenggi.

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