go2MONITOR: Stremaing from SDR Console

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go2MONITOR: Stremaing from SDR Console

Use Cases

  • You can use SDR-Console as a front end for go2MONITOR
  • Extensive list of additionally supported receivers and receiver servers.
  • Data recording with independent tool
  • Remote monitoring using the SDR-Console or the Airspy Servers.
    Setup your own network of remote radios or use existing worldwide available radios on servers running Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Windows or Linux


  • Required minimum SDR-Console Release: 3.0.23
  • To display the go2MONITOR panel select "More Options" from the "View" pane in the ribbon bar of SDR-Console then restart SDR-Console.
  • Select the go2MONITOR configuration screen in SDR-Console and config
    - Port for the streaming
    - Add Meta Chunk..... if files have to be used with go2MONITOR
  • Define the port as SDR-Console input in go2MONITOR ( c:\Users\xxxxx\go2SIGNALS\go2MONITOR 20.1\StreamInputs.conf)
  • Start go2MONITOR and select the SDR-Console input

    In this example an ADEDRI SDR was used
  • The standard SDR console delivers only the wideband stream
    shoc can also deliver an extended version of the SDR-Console, which offers the narrowband streams of the all the "Radios" (DDC's)

Additional Information

Last update on 2022-02-03 by Rolf Haenggi.

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