go2MONITOR: How to compare with competitors?

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go2MONITOR: How to compare with competitors?

We do not publish product comparisons in the public.
I recommend  to order demo versions and then compare the products face-to-face.
Please contact us if you need advice on choosing a suitable decoder.

Product comparison template

Criteria go2MONITOR Competitor         
Input receivers (SDR's, configurable) > 30  
Input streams (incl. VITA 49) Yes  
Input sound card Yes  
Input file processing faster than real time Yes  
Input: Panorma display with energy detection Yes  
Classifier/recording/input BW HF 1 MHz
n x 2.4 MHz
Classifier/recording/input BW VUHF 5 MHz
10 MHz
n x 20 MHz
Multiple Signal-Inputs 2 (more on request)  
Supported receivers (SDR) >50  
# of realtime decoding channels 1, 2, 4, 8  
Max. # of channels in automatic mode <2000  
Voice classification, processing AM
Digital codecs
Sample rate, fault-tolerant decoders
(requires no calibration)
Narrowband receivers control Yes  
Buffering, for loosless decoding up to 15 sec  
Expandability go2DECODE
Third Party Apps
Modular design, scalability (# of channels, bandwidth) Yes  
Separation between GUI and self-contained decoders Yes  
Posibbility to program and add own decoders Yes  
ResultViewer, functions for filtering/navigation Yes  
GUI can allocate multiple windows/monitors Yes  
Decoders > 190  
Decoder development environment DDL
Decoder output post processing Yes  
Scripting Python  
Easy to operate Yes  
Typical basic training time hours  
Station database shoc  
ISO9001:2015 PROCITEC is certified
(not only hardware)
Company size (Group) > 350  

Last update on 2023-02-13 by Rolf Haenggi.

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