Setup license sharing

Setup license sharing

How it works

The WIBU-KEY Server Application is an application that offers services to WIBU-KEY Clients which run in the same LAN (Local Area Network) or in a distributed setup. On all computers where a go2IGNALS application is correctly installed a Wibu-Key Client is also set up. When the go2SIGNALS application is started on a computer then the software will communicate with the Wibu-Key Client on this computer. The WIBU-KEY Client then gets a license for running the application either from the locally plugged in Wibu-Key or it searches the LAN for a WIBU-KEY Server. The reached WIBU-KEY Server then gets the license from a Network Wibu-Key plugged in there and allocates the necessary license and sends them to the WIBU-KEY Client.


  • You need a license with enabled "License sharing". Must be specified if you order!
  • Additionally on the client computer the correct "sharing enabled" license file (default.maw) must be installed.
  • If the license server is not in the same sub-net, then the address or DNS must be applied to the WkLAN Server Search List and the used port should not be blocked by the firewall.

Setting up a basic WIBU-KEY Server configuration

  • Install the WIBU-Key server software on the server computer (if not already installed with a go2SIGNALS product). Use a version after December 2018 (Use a version after December 2018 (older WIBU servers had a bug that did not allow them to manage users)
  • Connect the dongles on the server computer
  • Depending on the network, setup routers, firewalls etc.
  • For additional details consult the WIBU-KEY manual.

Setting up a WIBU-KEY Client

  • Launch the Network Server program from Start menu\Programs\WIBU-KEY menu. The WIBU-KEY Server icon will appear in the system tray.
  • Double-clicking the WIBU-KEY Server icon in the system tray will open the Server Status Window.
  • Right-click the WIBU-KEY Server icon and click "Open the Control Panel" and check if you can see your USB-Dongle
  • If the server is not in the same sub-net, enter the  Server Name or the IP address to the search list. The WIBU-KEY Server must be started for license sharing.

To check the license dongles outside the sub-net, Select “Network”, press “Scan Ports”

  • Restart go2MONITOR and check if the software will start. During start-up, you should see a message like “Scanning for WIbu Network dongle, please wait”

In case of problems:

  • Remove local dongles
  • Check if in your network port 22347 is not blocked (router, firewall, mobile network etc.)

Last update on 2019-03-14 by Rolf Haenggi.

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