go2MONITOR: DANA with soundcard input

go2MONITOR: DANA with soundcard input

DANA is no longer included in go2MONITOR as we have file playback functionality in go2MONITOR.

  • You have to install DANA in case an interface to the sound card or another or functionality from DANA required.
  • If you have go2DECODE installed on the computer then just use this otherwise download the DANA package and install it in a DANA directory.
  • To run DANA, a license is required (default.maw). You can use the one from go2MONITOR or go2DECODE. Put it into the DANA or if you use go2DECODE to the user directory.
  • In go2MONITOR check that you have a go2DECODE/DANA input (if it is missing, set it up for port 44001)
  • Select go2DECODE/DANA as the input
  • Start DANA
  • Playback files
  • The functionality of DANA is documented in the go2DECODE user manual.


  • Add additional DDC channel bandwidths for go2MONITOR. I recommend 1.0, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0 kHz. This makes tuning much easier ( see: go2MONITOR, how to add additional DDC bandwidths)
  • DANA is available in the download section

Last update on 2018-05-12 by Rolf Haenggi.

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