EW GCC 2021 (date subject to change)

In recognizing the Gulf States’ combined industrialization goals, EWGCC 2018 will create an effective stage where the very best international Electronic Warfare technology suppliers are able to build strong and sustainable business connections with leading local defense companies tasked with meeting regional military and security objectives.

A dedicated platform for thought leader presentations and next generation technology challenges.  Senior commanders, academia and EW professionals will present on the critical challenges need to be addressed to effectively operate & control the use of the EM spectrum.

Showcase your latest technologies alongside an international line up of high end providers. The exhibition will focus on rapidly deploy-able and reconfigurable solutions for complex Electronic Warfare and Information Warfare operations.

The new Supply Chain and Component Showcase will provide a platform to forge meaningful relationships with the local defence industry and the international supply chain.

Conduct practical and interactive workshops of one hour duration that allow Electronic Warfare practitioners to fully understand emerging technologies and processes being introduced into service to encourage for informed decision making.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to conduct live demonstrations of counter drone equipment to the regions military EW professionals. Please note, all demonstrations are by request and subject to approval by EW command.

Practical demos that give military commanders an opportunity to understand how tactical cyber operations will affect future military conflicts. EW professionals will be able to witness a typical tactical cyber exercise to understand how cyber activities have become the 5th domain of warfare.

Location: Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel, Abu Dhabi

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