go2MONITOR Decoder

Decoder, Production Channel,

A production channel uses a configurable list of decoder/modems. The best match is selected for decoding. The signal is demodulated, decoded and the results are displayed.

Dependig on yout go2MONITOR version 1, 2 4, 8, 16, 32 or any other number of production channels are available.


  • Reliable recognition, demodulation and decoding of data signals
  • Detection and recording of voice signals
  • Determination of technical parameters for display and decoding
  • Processing of signals without loss
  • Extraction of information about the transmission protocol, meta data, time-stamp
  • Signal decoding down to the content like text, audio, binaries etc.
  • Storing the output to files/database
  • Extendible by the customer (Universal demodulators, Decoder Description Language)
  • Adaptive demodulators and soft-decision decoding

The result display shows the collected results in detail and can be configured using the Extensible Style sheet Language (XSLT). Up to eight production channels can be used in parallel in manual mode, up to n (<200) channels in automatic mode.

Modem List Editor

The decoder modem lists can be configured, loaded and saved. The decoders/modems list can be tailored according to the monitoring task.

Bulk File Processing

You can process recorded signals directly from specified folders with predefined options.
It is possible to monitor folders and process new files automatically. This allows easy connection of go2MONITOR to existing tools and systems.

Interaction of go2MONITOR and TCI Blackbird