go2MONITOR is an open system and offers various functions for exchanging data with other applications, systems or solutions and offers full remote control capabilities.

  • Remote Control of the software via TCP/IP
  • Interface Control Document (ICD) available
  • API for C++ and Java with samples
  • Directly access all result files stored in the file system or sql database
  • Streaming
  • Special training/introduction for integrators

Python Scripting

  • Create scripts by programming or GUI-action recording
  • Interface to additional software/hardware (direction finders DF, external tools etc)
  • Place buttons on the button bar
  • Decoder and scripts can run side by side.
  • Use scripts for data structuring, data import/export, reports
  • Python command line: Send commands from the command line or from batch files to go2MONITOR.
  • Nice for simple automation