Key Facts

  • It is the only way to manage a larger number of channels. Manual configuration would be too inflexible and too slow.
  • Full automatic job based monitoring (decoding, classification, recording) based on time, frequency (ranges), RX location, classification, decoders and modulation
  • Computer gets not tired... chance to miss signals is much smaller
  • Possibility to detect also very short transmissions

Automatic Monitoring & Tasking (AMT) Option

This option provides user-configurable, task-based, automatic signal search. Signals are detected, classified, demodulated and decoded automatically. A wizard is provided to define missions and tasks. The results are stored in a database for further evaluation. An advanced ResultViewer shows a tabular or graphical representation of the stored data.

After starting a mission, the display shows the spectrogram, FFT and the task activities. The task activities gives a you an overview about the number of signals monitored and the signals waiting to be monitored.

Already during automatic monitoring, the results can be viewed and analyzed in the ResultViewer

It is possible to run automatic an manual channels side-by-side