Key Facts

  • It is the only way to manage a larger number of channels. Manual configuration would be too inflexible to and too slow.
  • Full automatic job based monitoring (decoding, classification, recording) s based on time, frequencies (ranges), RX location, classification, decoders, modulation
  • Computer gets not tired... chance to miss signals is much smaller
  • Possibility to detect also very short transmissions
  • Task type ‘Live Processing’ is standard in every go2MONITOR using snapshot mode.

Automatic Monitoring & Tasking

This option provides user-configurable, task-based, automatic signal search. Signals are detected, classified, demodulated and decoded automatically. A wizard is provided to define missions and tasks. The results are stored in a database for further evaluation. An advanced ResultViewer shows a tabular or graphical representation of the stored data.

After starting a mission, the display shows the spectrogram, FFT and the task activities. The task activities gives a you an overview about the number of signals monitored and the signals waiting to be monitored.

Already during automatic monitoring, the results can be viewed and analyzed in the ResultViewer

It is possible to run automatic and manual channels side-by-side

Missions can be defined as "offline processing". This separates the real-time part (recording) from the processing part (narrow-band classification and decoding) and allows faster processing than real-time.

Different tasks require different arrangements of go2MONITOR. It is possible to reload a saved perspective or link it to a mission in AMT. When the mission is activated, the GUI automatically changes the window arrangement to the saved perspective.

With the inverse trigger for AMT tasks you can also trigger tasks when a signal does not match a defined trigger. This makes it easy to find "unknown" signals that do not match any existing decoder or known modulation type.

Creating "Missions and Tasks" is supported even in small, mobile monitoring solutions. The task type ‘Live Processing’ is a standard feature in every go2MONITOR version, giving you access to missions and tasks in snapshot mode. Advanced functions require the option "Automatic Monitoring and Tasking (AMT)".

Mission Channels View

The current status of the system is visible during processing. Frequencies can be blocked, decoding stopped or the channel can be immediately transferred to another channel for further analysis or live processing.

Task Definition

The operator can define various tasks grouped in missions that are automatically processed. Task can have different priorities, be enabled or disabled and consists of three parts:

1. Trigger

Which signals should the system search for? Trigger parameters are:

  • Time ranges (from-to)
  • Frequency ranges (from-to)
  • Geographical areas (allows automatic monitoring from vessels, planes etc.)
  • Signal energy found
  • Modulation type recognized (for example PSK, FSK,…)
  • Modulation parameters
  • Trigger by energy from the panorama display (to use the automatic search and processing of signals in larger frequency ranges using the receiver PSD spectrum)

2. Action

Possible actions are:

  • Alert (send network notification to an external system)
  • Record signal
  • Classify modulation type
  • Demodulate and decode signal (with predefined decoder)
  • Detect decoder first and then decode (with search modem list)
  • Live processing

3. Stop Criteria

When is a job finished? Stop if:

  • Signal energy lost (incl. dwell time)
  • Signal lost during decoding
  • Max. duration is reached

Alert actions can be defined by the operator by specifying an external application which must be started in the case of an alert. This way go2MONITOR can interact with other software without modification.

AutoCoverage function

Turning AutoCoverage on, the first wideband receiver (from the receiver list) is controlled by the system automatically to step with a programmable dwell time through all frequencies of all active tasks in the best possible way. Using this new feature, predefined frequency ranges can be monitored automatically.

Sample Airband Overview 24h

Live PMR Decoding