Abbreviations & Glossary


Term Meaning
Decoder BAUDOT
Mode same as Modem
Modem BAUDOT 50/170
Modulation FSK


Code Meaning
73 Best regards
88 Love and kisses
##/### Baud/Shift
// Parallel with Frequency
3SC Third-shift Cyrillic
5LGs 5-Letter Groups
a/c Aircraft
AA Arabic Language
ABT About
AGN Again
AM Amplitude Modulation
ANS Answer
ANT Antenna
ARP AIREP or Air Report
B4 Before
BC Broadcast
BD Bad
BK Back or break
BN Been, being
BTW By the way
BURO QSL bureau
C Correct, yes
c/s Callsign
CC Chinese Language
CdV Controle de Voie
CFM Confirm
chk Check
CL Closing station down
CLG Calling
CLR Clear
CONDX Conditions
CPY Copy
CQ General call for a QSO (contact)
CW Continuous waves (morse code)
DE From
Decoder Demodulator and Protocol, often named after the protocol
dep Departed
DR Dear
DWN Down
dx Duplex
DX Long distance contact, rare station
EAM Emergency Action Message
EE English Language
enrt En route
ES And
FB Fine business, very good
FF French Language / French Forces
FN French Navy
GA Good afternoon or go ahead
GB Good bye
GD Good or Good day
GE Good evening
GG German Language
GM Good morning
GN Good night
GND Ground
GP Ground-plane antenna
GUD Good
HAM Amateur radio operator
HI Laughter on CW
HR Here or ham radio
hrd Heard
HV Have
HW? How do you copy me? What about you?
ISR Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
JJ Japanese Language
K Please transmit
KN Only the station I am working should transmit
LID Poor operator
LP Log-periodic antenna or long path
LSB Lower sideband
LW Long-wire antenna
MGR QSL manager
MIB Marine Information Broadcast
MNI Many
msg Message
NIL Nothing heard or no copy
NR Near
NW Now or North-West
nx News
OM Old man (amateur radio operator)
OP Operator name
OST Operational Sea Training
PO Power output
pp Phone Patch
PP Portuguese Language
PSE Please
PWR Power
R Message received or correct
R/T Radiotelephone
RCV Receive
RCVD Received
RCVR Receiver
rdo Radio
re Reference / Regarding
req Request
RIG Equipment
RPRT Report
RPT Repeat
RR Russian Language
RX Receiver
SAR Search and Rescue
SAT(s) Site Acceptance Test(s)
SIG Signal
SK This is my last transmission (stop keying)
SKED Schedule
SN Soon
SNW Snow
SP Short path
SRI Sorry
SS Spanish
STN Station
SWL Short waves listener
sx Simplex
TCVR Transceiver
TEMP Temperature
TEST Contest
tfc Traffic
TIL Until
TNX Thanks
TU Thank you
TX Transmitter
U You
UFB Ultra fine business (excellent)
unid Unidentified
unk Unknown
UR Your
USB Upper sideband
VERT Vertical antenna
vsl Vessel
VY Very
W Watts
w/ With
WKD Worked (connected)
wkg Working
WPM Words Per Minute
WRK Work
wx Weather
WX Weather
XCVR Transceiver
XMTR Transmitter
XTAL Crystal
XYL Wife
YL Female Operator, Young Lady

ITU Country List

Code Country
ABW Aruba
AFG Afghanistan
AFS South Africa (Republic of)
AGL Angola (Republic of)
AIA Anguilla
ALB Albania (Republic of)
ALG Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of)
ALS Alaska (State of)
AMS Saint Paul and Amsterdam Islands
AND Andorra (Principality of)
AOE Western Sahara
ARG Argentine Republic
ARM Armenia (Republic of)
ARS Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of)
ASC Ascension Island
ATA Antarctic
ATG Antigua and Barbuda
ATN Netherlands Antilles/Caribbean
AUS Australia
AUT Austria
AZE Azerbaijani Republic
AZR Azores
B Brazil (Federative Republic of)
BAH Bahamas (Commonwealth of the)
BDI Burundi (Republic of)
BEL Belgium
BEN Benin (Republic of)
BER Bermuda
BFA Burkina Faso
BGD Bangladesh (People's Republic of)
BHR Bahrain (Kingdom of)
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
BIO Chagos Islands (Indian Ocean)
BLR Belarus (Republic of)
BLZ Belize
BOL Bolivia (Republic of)
BOT Botswana (Republic of)
BRB Barbados
BRM Myanmar (Union of)
BRU Brunei Darussalam
BTN Bhutan (Kingdom of)
BUL Bulgaria (Republic of)
BVT Bouvet Island
CAF Central African Republic
CAN Canada
CBG Cambodia (Kingdom of)
CG7 CUB(Guantanamo) (7).[6]
CHL Chile
CHN China (People's Republic of)
CHR Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)
CKH Cook Islands
CLM Colombia (Republic of)
CLN Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of)
CME Cameroon (Republic of)
CNR Canary Islands
COD Democratic Republic of the Congo
COG Congo (Republic of the)
COM Comoros (Union of the)
CPT Clipperton Island
CPV Cape Verde (Republic of)
CRO Crozet Archipelago
CTI Cote d'Ivoire (Republic of)
CTR Costa Rica
CUB Cuba
CVA Vatican City State
CYM Cayman Islands
CYP Cyprus (Republic of)
CZE Czech Republic
D Germany (Federal Republic of)
DGA Diego Garcia
DJI Djibouti (Republic of)
DMA Dominica (Commonwealth of)
DNK Denmark
DOM Dominican Republic
E Spain
EGY Egypt (Arab Republic of)
EQA Ecuador
ERI Eritrea
EST Estonia (Republic of)
ETH Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of)
F France
FIN Finland
FJI Fiji (Republic of)
FLK Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
FRO Faroe Islands
FSM Micronesia (Federated States of)
G United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
GAB Gabonese Republic
GCA United Kingdom (Non-metropolitan), Region 1
GCC United Kingdom, Region 3
GEO Georgia
GHA Ghana
GIB Gibraltar
GLP Guadeloupe (French Department of)
GMB Gambia (Republic of the)
GNB Guinea-Bissau (Republic of)
GNE Equatorial Guinea (Republic of)
GRC Greece
GRD Grenada
GRL Greenland
GTM Guatemala (Republic of)
GUF Guiana (French Department of)
GUI Guinea (Republic of)
GUM Guam
GUY Guyana
HKG Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China)
HMD Heard and McDonald Islands
HND Honduras (Republic of)
HNG Hungary (Republic of)
HOL Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
HRV Croatia (Republic of)
HTI Haiti (Republic of)
HWA Hawaii (State of)
HWL Howland Island
I Italy
ICO Cocos (Keeling) Islands
IND India (Republic of)
INS Indonesia (Republic of)
IRL Ireland
IRN Iran (Islamic Republic of)
IRQ Iraq (Republic of)
ISL Iceland
ISR Israel (State of)
J Japan
JAR Jarvis Island
JMC Jamaica
JON Johnston Island
JOR Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of)
KAZ Kazakhstan (Republic of)
KEN Kenya (Republic of)
KER Kerguelen Islands
KGZ Kyrgyz Republic
KIR Kiribati (Republic of)
KNA Saint Kitts and Nevis (Federation of)
KOR Korea (Republic of)
KRE Democratic People's Republic of Korea
KWT Kuwait (State of)
LAO Lao People's Democratic Republic
LBN Lebanon
LBR Liberia (Republic of)
LBY Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
LCA Saint Lucia
LIE Liechtenstein (Principality of)
LSO Lesotho (Kingdom of)
LTU Lithuania (Republic of)
LUX Luxembourg
LVA Latvia (Republic of)
MAC Macau (Special Administrative Region of China)
MAU Mauritius (Republic of)
MCO Monaco (Principality of)
MDA Moldova (Republic of)
MDG Madagascar (Republic of)
MDR Madeira
MDW Midway Islands
MEX Mexico
MHL Marshall Islands (Republic of the)
MKD Republic of Macedonia
MLA Malaysia
MLD Maldives (Republic of)
MLI Mali (Republic of)
MLT Malta
MNE Montenegro (Republic of)
MNG Mongolia
MOZ Mozambique (Republic of)
MRA Northern Mariana Islands (Commonwealth of the)
MRC Morocco (Kingdom of)
MRN Marion Island
MRT Martinique (French Department of)
MSR Montserrat
MTN Mauritania (Islamic Republic of)
MWI Malawi
MYT Mayotte (Territorial Collectivity of)
NCG Nicaragua
NCL New Caledonia
NFK Norfolk Island
NGR Niger (Republic of the)
NIG Nigeria (Federal Republic of)
NIU Niue
NMB Namibia (Republic of)
NOR Norway
NPL Nepal
NRU Nauru (Republic of)
NZL New Zealand
OCE French Polynesia
OMA Oman (Sultanate of)
PAK Pakistan (Islamic Republic of)
PAQ Easter Island
PHL Philippines (Republic of the)
PHX Phoenix Islands
PLM Palmyra Island
PLW Palau (Republic of)[7]
PNG Papua New Guinea
PNR Panama (Republic of)
POL Poland (Republic of)
POR Portugal
PRG Paraguay (Republic of)
PRU Peru
PTC Pitcairn Island
PTR Puerto Rico
QAT Qatar (State of)
REU Reunion (French Department of)
RKS Kosovo
ROD Rodrigues
ROU Romania
RRW Rwandese Republic
RUS Russian Federation
S Sweden
SCG ex Serbia and Montenegro -> SRB, MNE
SDN Sudan (Republic of the)
SEN Senegal (Republic of)
SEY Seychelles (Republic of)
SHN Saint Helena
SLM Solomon Islands
SLV El Salvador (Republic of)
SMA American Samoa
SMO Samoa (Independent State of)
SMR San Marino (Republic of)
SNG Singapore (Republic of)
SOM Somali Democratic Republic
SPM Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Territorial Collectivity of)
SRB Serbia (Republic of)
SRL Sierra Leone
SSD South Sudan (Republic of)
STP Sao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of)
SUI Switzerland (Confederation of)
SUR Suriname (Republic of)
SVK Slovakia
SVN Slovenia (Republic of)
SWN Swan Islands
SWZ eSwatini (Kingdom of)
SYR Syrian Arab Republic
TCA Turks and Caicos Islands
TCD Chad (Republic of)
TGO Togolese Republic
THA Thailand
TJK Tajikistan (Republic of)
TKL Tokelau
TKM Turkmenistan
TLS Timor-Leste (Democratic Republic of)
TON Tonga (Kingdom of)
TRC Tristan da Cunha
TRD Trinidad and Tobago
TUN Tunisia
TUR Turkey
TUV Tuvalu
TZA Tanzania (United Republic of)
UAE United Arab Emirates
UGA Uganda (Republic of)
UKR Ukraine
URG Uruguay (Eastern Republic of)
USA United States of America
UZB Uzbekistan (Republic of)
VCT Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
VEN Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
VIR United States Virgin Islands
VRG British Virgin Islands
VTN Vietnam (Socialist Republic of)
VUT Vanuatu (Republic of)
WAK Wake Island
WAL Wallis and Futuna Islands
XAA shared throughout the world
XAX shared by several countries, but in a restricted area of the world
XBR special use
XBY Abyei area
XCQ ex Caroline Islands -> FSM + PLW
XCS ex TCH Czechoslovakia -> CZE + SVK
XGZ Gaza Strip
XMM inter-ship communications
XOA International Civil Aviation Organization
XR1 Region 1 (RR 5.3)
XR2 Region 2 (RR 5.4)
XR3 Region 3 (RR 5.5)
XRY Antarctic Region (RR AP 26/5.2)
XSC ex SCG Serbia and Montenegro
XSD ex Republic of the Sudan before 14 July 2011 -> SDN + SSD
XSP Spratly Islands
XSU ex URS Soviet Union -> RUS + more
XUN United Nations
XWB West Bank
XWM World Meteorological Organization
XYU ex YUG Yugoslavia -> SCG + HRV + BIH + SVN
YEM Yemen (Republic of)
ZMB Zambia (Republic of)
ZWE Zimbabwe (Republic of)

Q Code

Code Question Answer
QRA What is the name (or call sign) of your station? The name (or call sign) of my station is ...
QRB How far are you from my station? The distance between our stations is ... nautical miles (or km).
QRC By what enterprise are the accounts for charges for your station settled?  
QRD Where are you bound for and where are you from?  
QRE What is your estimated time of arrival at ... (over ...)?  
QRF Are you returning to ... ?  
QRG Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of ...)? Your exact frequency (or that of ... ) is ... kHz (or MHz).
QRH Does my frequency vary? Your frequency varies.
QRI How is the tone of my transmission? The tone of your transmission is (1: good, 2: variable 3: bad)
QRJ How many radiotelephone calls have you to book?  
QRK What is the readability of my signals (or those of ...)? The readability of your signals (or those of ...) is ... (1: bad .. 5: excellent).
QRK What is the intelligibility of my signals (or those of ...)?  
QRL Are you busy? I am busy. (or I am busy with ... ) Please do not interfere.
QRM Do you have interference? I have interference.
QRN Are you troubled by static noise? I am troubled by static noise.
QRO Shall I increase transmit power? Please increase transmit power.
QRP Shall I decrease transmit power? Please decrease transmit power.
QRQ Shall I send faster? Please send faster (... words per minute).
QRR Are you ready for automatic operation?  
QRS Shall I send more slowly? Please send more slowly (... words per minute).
QRT Shall I cease or suspend operation? I am suspending operation.
QRU Have you anything for me? I have nothing for you.
QRV Are you ready? I am ready.
QRW Shall I inform ... that you are calling him on ... kHz (or MHz)?  
QRX Shall I standby? / When will you call me again? Please standby. / I will call you again at ... (hours) on ... kHz (or MHz).
QRY What is my turn?  
QRZ Who is calling me? You are being called by ... (on ... kHz (or MHz)).
QSA What is the strength of my signals (or those of ... )? The strength of your signals (or those of ...) is ... (1: very weak .. 5: very strong).
QSB Are my signals fading? Your signals are fading.
QSC Are you a cargo vessel?  
QSD Is my keying defective? Your keying is defective.
QSE What is the estimated drift of the survival craft?  
QSF Have you effected rescue?  
QSG Shall I send ... telegrams at a time?  
QSH Are you able to home on your direction-finding equipment?  
QSI I have been unable to break in on your transmission.  
QSJ What is the charge to be collected to ... including your internal charge?  
QSK Can you hear me between your signals (while transmitting), and if so can I break in on your transmission? I can hear you between my signals (while transmitting), break in on my transmission.
QSL Can you acknowledge receipt? I am acknowledging receipt.
QSM Shall I repeat the last telegram (message) which I sent you, or some previous telegram (message)? Repeat the last telegram (message) which you sent me (or telegram(s) (message(s)) numbers(s) ...).
QSN Did you hear me (or ...) on ... kHz (or MHz)? I did hear you (or ...) on ... kHz (or MHz).
QSO Can you communicate with ... direct or by relay? I can communicate with ... direct (or by relay through ...).
QSP Will you relay a message to ...? I will relay a message to ... .
QSQ Have you a doctor on board (or is ... on board)?  
QSR Shall I repeat the call on the calling frequency?  
QSS What working frequency will you use? I will use ... kHz (or MHz).
QSU Shall I send or reply on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz))? Please send or reply on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz)).
QSV Shall I send a series of "V" on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz))? Please send a series of "V" on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz)).
QSW Will you send on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz))  
QSX Will you listen to ... on ... kHz (or MHz)? I am listening to ... on ... kHz (or MHz).
QSY Shall I change transmission frequency (to ... kHz (or MHz))? Please change transmission frequency (to ... kHz (or MHz)).
QSZ Shall I send each word or group more than once? Send each word or group twice (or ... times).
QTA Shall I cancel telegram (or message) number ... ?  
QTB Do you agree with my counting of words?  
QTC How many telegrams (messages) have you to send? I have ... telegrams (messages) for you (or for ...).
QTD What has the rescue vessel or rescue aircraft recovered?  
QTE What is my true bearing from you?  
QTF Will you give me my position according to your bearings?  
QTG Will you send two dashes of ten seconds each followed by your call sign (repeated ... times) (on ... kHz (or MHz))?  
QTH What is your position in latitude and longitude (or according to any other indication)? My position is ... latitude, ... longitude.
QTI What is your true course?  
QTJ What is your speed?  
QTK What is the speed of your aircraft in relation to the surface of the Earth?  
QTL What is your true heading?  
QTM What is your magnetic heading?  
QTN At what time did you depart from ... (place)?  
QTO Have you left dock (or port)?  
QTP Are you going to enter dock (or port)?  
QTQ Can you communicate with my station by means of the International Code of Signals?  
QTR What is the correct time? The correct time is ... hours.
QTS Will you send your call sign for tuning purposes or so that your frequency can be measured now (or at ... hours) on ... kHz (or MHz)?  
QTT The identification signal which follows is superimposed on another transmission.  
QTU What are the hours during which your station is open?  
QTV Shall I stand guard for you on the frequency of ... kHz (or MHz) (from ... to ... hours)?  
QTW What is the condition of survivors?  
QTX Will you keep your station open for further communication with me until further notice (or until ... hours)?  
QTY Are you proceeding to the position of incident and if so when do you expect to arrive?  
QTZ Are you continuing the search?  
QUA Have you news of ... ?  
QUC What is the number (or other indication) of the last message you received from me (or from ...)?  
QUD Have you received the urgency signal sent by ... (call sign of mobile station)?  
QUE Can you use telephony in ... (language), with interpreter if necessary, if so, on what frequencies?  
QUF Have you received the distress signal sent by ...?  
QUG Will you be forced to alight (or land)?  
QUH Will you give me the present barometric pressure at sea level?  
QUI Are your navigation lights working?  
QUJ Will you indicate the true track to reach you (or ...)?  
QUK Can you tell me the condition of the sea observed at ...?  
QUL Can you tell me the swell observed at ...?  
QUM May I resume normal working?  
QUN Will vessels in my immediate vicinity please indicate their position, cruise and speed?  
QUO Shall I search for ... (aircraft, ship, survival craft)?  
QUP Will you indicate your position by searchlight, black smoke trail, pyrotechnic lights?  
QUQ Shall I train my searchlight nearly vertical on a cloud, and if your aircraft is seen, deflect the beam up wind and on the water?  
QUR Have survivors ... (1. received survival equipment, 2. been picked up by rescue vessel, 3. been reached by ground rescue) party?  
QUS Have you sighted survivors or wreckage?  
QUT Is position of incident marked?  
QUU Shall I home ship or aircraft to my position?  
QUW Are you in the search area designated as ...?  
QUX Do you have any navigational warnings or gale warnings in force?  
QUY Is position of survival craft marked?  
QUZ May I resume restricted working?  


Code Meaning
ZAA You are not observing circuit discipline
ZAB Your speedkey improperly adjusted
ZAC Advise (Call sign of) frequency you are reading
ZAC Cease using speed key
ZAD/x Signal (1) Not understood (2) Not held
ZAE Unable to receive you try via ____
ZAF Reroute the circuit by patching
ZAH Unable to relay. We file
ZAI Run ____ (foxes, RY's, mk, etc.)
ZAJ Have been unable to break you
ZAL Alter your wave-Length
ZAL Closing down due to ____
ZAN We can receive absolutely nothing
ZAN Transmit only msgs of above precedence ____
ZAO Can't understand voice. Use Telegraph
ZAP Acknowledge, please
ZAP Work ____ (simplex, duplex mux sb)
ZAQ Last word received (sent) was ____
ZAR Revert to Automatic Relay
ZAS Rerun tapes run on ____ since ____
ZAT Punching tape for transmission
ZAV Send blind until advised
ZAX You are causing interference
ZAY Send on ____ (kcs). Will confirm later
ZBA Cause of delay is ____
ZBD Following was sent ____ (time)
ZBE Retransmit message ____ to ____
ZBG You are sending upper case
ZBH Make call before transmitting traffic
ZBI Listen for telephony
ZBL Do not use break-in
ZBM Put ____ (speed operator) this frequency
ZBN Break and go ahead with New slip
ZBN Your tape reversed
ZBO I have traffic
ZBP/x (1) Characters indistinct (2) Spacing bad
ZBQ When & on what frequency was message received
ZBR Break circuit. Retuning
ZBR Shall I send by ____ (method)?
ZBS/x Blurring Signals (1) Dots heavy (2) Dots light
ZBT Count ____ as ____ groups
ZBU Report communication with ____
ZBV Answer on ____ mc
ZBW I shift (or ask ____) to ____ (kcs)
ZBY Pull Back your tape one Yard
ZCA Circuit Affected. Make readable signals
ZCB Circuit Broken. Signal unheard
ZCC Collate Code
ZCD Your collation is Different
ZCF Check your center frequency, please
ZCI Circuit Interrupted. Running & available
ZCK Check Keying
ZCL Transmit Call Letters intelligibly
ZCO Your Collation Omitted
ZCP Conditions Poor, increase to maximum
ZCR Using concentrator. Make warning signals
ZCS Cease Sending
ZCT Send Code Twice
ZCW Are you in direct communication with ____ ?
ZDA Hr. formal message, priority ____
ZDB Expedite reply to my ____
ZDC Diagnosing circuit faults, will advise
ZDE Message ____ undelivered
ZDE/x Message undelivered. (1)Will keep trying (2)Advise disposal (3)Canceling (4) Btr. ads.
ZDF Message ____ received by addressee at ____ (time)
ZDF/x Frequency is Drifting to degree indicated, 1-5
ZDG Accuracy of following doubtful
ZDH Your Dots are too Heavy (long)
ZDL Your Dots are too Light (short)
ZDM Your Dots Missing
ZDM This is a multiple-address message
ZDN Report disposal of message ____
ZDQ Message ____ relayed to ____ at ____ by ____
ZDS Msg just transmitted erroneous. Correct version is ____
ZDT Following Transmitters running Dual
ZDT Don't Transmit exercise messages until advised
ZDV Your Dots Varying length please remedy
ZDV Private message received for ____ . Advise
ZDY No private messages until ordered
ZEC Have you received message ____?
ZED/x Experiencing Drop-outs 1-5
ZEF/x We are Experiencing Fill-ins 1-5
ZEG/x We are Experiencing Garbles 1-5
ZEI Accuracy of heading doubtful
ZEK No answer required
ZEL This message is correction to ____
ZEN This message is classified
ZEP Parts marked ZEP coming later
ZEU Exercise (drill message)
ZFA Failing Auto
ZFA Message intercepted or copied blind
ZFB Signals are fading badly
ZFB Pass this message to ____
ZFC Check your FSK shift please
ZFD This message is a suspected duplicate
ZFD/x Depth of Fading is as indicated 1-5
ZFF Advise when message received by ____
ZFH/x Message for (1) Action (2) Info (3) Comment
ZFI Reply to message? There is no reply
ZFK Revert to FSK
ZFO Signals faded out
ZFQ/x Frequency shift your signal is ____ cps
ZFR Cancel transmission ____
ZFR/x Rapidity of Fading is as indicated, 1-5
ZFS Signals are Fading Slightly
ZGB Send ____ (answer)
ZGF ____ signals good for ____ wpm
ZGF Make call signs more distinctly
ZGP Please Give Priority
ZGS Your signals getting stronger
ZGW Your signals getting weaker
ZHA How are conditions for Auto reception?
ZHC How are your receiving conditions?
ZHM/x Harmonic radiation from transmitter
ZHS Send High Speed auto ____ wpm
ZHY We are Holding Your ____
ZIM/x Industrial or Medical interference 1-5
ZIP Increase Power
ZIR You have strong Idle Radiation
ZIS/x Atmospheric interference, 1-5
ZJF/x Frequency Jumping to degree indicated 1-5
ZKA Who is controlling station? or I am ____
ZKB Permission necessary before transmitting messages
ZKD Take control of net ____ or shall I ____
ZKE I (or ___ ) reports into circuit (net)
ZKF Station leaves net temporarily
ZKJ Closing down (until ____ )
ZKO Revert to On/Off Keying
ZKQ Say when ready to resume
ZKS What Stations Keeping watch on ____?
ZKW Keying weight is ____ (percent)
ZLB Give Long Breaks, please
ZLD We are getting Long Dash from you
ZLL Distorted Land Line control signals
ZLP Low (minimum) Power
ZLS We are suffering from lightning Storm
ZMG Magnetic activity
ZMO Stand by moment
ZMP MisPunch or perforator failure
ZMQ Stand by for ____
ZMU/x Multipath making ____ mark bias
ZNB No Breaks we send twice
ZNB Authentication is ____
ZNC No communications with ____
ZNC All stations authenticate
ZND You are misusing authenticator
ZNG Receiving conditions No Good for code
ZNI No call letters (identification) heard
ZNN All clear of traffic
ZNO Not On the air
ZNR Not Received
ZNS Here New Slip
ZOA Have checked ____ (call-letters) OK
ZOC Relay to your sub-stations
ZOD Observing ___ will transfer when better
ZOD Act as radio link between me and ____
ZOE Can you accept message? (or) Give me message
ZOF Relay this message
ZOG Transmit your message (give info.)
ZOH What traffic have you On Hand?
ZOK We are receiving ok
ZOK Relay this message via ____
ZOL OK. On Line
ZOM Mail delivery permissible
ZOR Transmit Only Reversals
ZOU Give instructions for routing traffic
ZOZ Obtain retransmission of message ___
ZPA Printer line Advance not received
ZPA Your speech distorted
ZPC Printer Carriage-return not received
ZPC/x Signals fading 1-5
ZPE Punch Everything
ZPF Printer motor Fast
ZPO Send plain Once
ZPP Punch Plain only
ZPR Rerun slip at Present Running
ZPS Printer motor Slow
ZPT Send Plain Twice
ZRA Reverse Auto tape
ZRA My frequency OK? Your frequency is ____
ZRB Relayed signal bad, adjust receiver
ZRB Check your frequency on this circuit
ZRC Can you Receive Code?
ZRC Shall I, or tune your transmitter to ____
ZRE Hear you best on ____ (kcs)
ZRF Send tuning signals on present frequency
ZRK Reversed Keying
ZRL Rerun slip before one now running
ZRM Please remove modulation from ____
ZRM I receive ____ (usb, lsb, isb's)
ZRN Rough Note
ZRO Are you receiving ok?
ZRR Run Reversals
ZRS Rerun message No. ____
ZRT Revert to Traffic
ZRY Run test slip please
ZSF Send faster
ZSH Static heavy here
ZSI/x Please furnish Signal intensity
ZSM/x Microvolt input to receiver is ____
ZSN Give SINPO report on ____
ZSO Transmit Slips Once
ZSR Your signals strong & Readable
ZSS Send Slower
ZST Transmit Slips Twice
ZSU Your signals are unreadable
ZSV Your Speed Varying
ZTA Transmit by Auto
ZTH Transmit by Hand
ZTI Transmission temporarily interrupted
ZUA Conditions Unsuitable for Automatic recording
ZUA Timing signal will be transmitted
ZUB We have been unable to break you
ZUC Unable to comply. Will do so at ____
ZUE Affirmative (yes)
ZUG Negative (no)
ZUH Unable to comply
ZUJ Wait. Stand by
ZVB Varying Bias
ZVF Signals Varying in Frequency
ZVP Send V's Please
ZVR Pass at once to sub-stations
ZVS Signals Varying in intensity
ZWB Name of operator on watch
ZWC Wipers or Clicks here
ZWO Send words once
ZWR Your signals weak but readable
ZWS/x Wavelength (frequency) is Swinging 1-5
ZWT Send words twice
ZXA Adjust to receive speeds ____ (RADIOFAX)
ZXC Pix ____ Conditionally accepted (RADIOFAX)
ZXD Send Dashes please (RADIOFAX)
ZXF You are Floating Fast (RADIOFAX)
ZXH Limits High, reduce ____ cycles (RADIOFAX)
ZXJ You are Jumping out of phase (RADIOFAX)
ZXK Is your synchronizing correct? (RADIOFAX)
ZXL Limits are Low increase ____ cycles (RADIOFAX)
ZXO Last run defaced due to ____ (RADIOFAX)
ZXP Go ahead with Pix (RADIOFAX)
ZXS You are floating Slow (RADIOFAX)
ZXV Your modulation is Varying (RADIOFAX)
ZYA Cease traffic send A's on A channel (MULTIPLEX)
ZYC Cycling on ARQ, errors stored your end (MULTIPLEX)
ZYK Check Your Keying on channel ____ (MULTIPLEX)
ZYM Change from single printer to Multiplex (MULTIPLEX)
ZYN Make bias Neutral (MULTIPLEX)
ZYP Change from multiplex to single Printer (MULTIPLEX)
ZYR Please put ____ on MUX revolutions (MULTIPLEX)
ZYS What is your speed of transmission?
ZYT Check Your Thyratrons (MULTIPLEX)
ZYX/x Revert to MUX frames ____ channels (MULTIPLEX)
ZZF Incorrect
ZZG You are correct
ZZH Try again


Code Meaning
ABBAB Can you accept traffic for _____ ?
AGGAS I can accept traffic for _____
AKDOG You may accept traffic for _____
AMBAY Payment made
AMGET Please give line number and date of message
AMHUT Please notify (by service telegram) if in agreement our traffic statement for _____
AMSIN Please rush your estimated traffic figures for _____
APHAD We are debiting you
ARFIN Your _____ statement for _____
ARPOM Your traffic statements for _____
ASSUM Cannot give better address
ATBET Destination correct
ATFIX Give full address
ATHAS State name and address of sender
ATJAW Give name of addressee
ATLAY Give name of sender
ATNED Give names of sender and addressee
AXCUB How will message be addressed
AXJAY Messages will be (are) addressed _____
AYDAM Name of address in or copy reads _____
AYGUM Please have address confirmed by sender
AYHAW Read name of addressee _____
AYJET Read telegraph office of destination as _____
AYTAG Sender cannot give better address
AYWEB Sender claims good and sufficient address
AZBIN Sender's contact address is _____
AZFOP _____ blank, diverted
AZGUN Cancel _____ for abstract and accounting purposes
AZHAY Cancel and file, sent in error
AZJEW Cancel, error of service
AZKEG Cancel our number _____
AZRED Cancel, misrouted
BABBA Cancel at sender's request
BABSO Telegram (or service telegram/advice) number _____ cancelled
BACYS Blank numbers _____
BADET Give some reason for cancelling _____
BADPO Shall we cancel?
BINZA Recognized Operating Agency (ROA) does not admit this class of traffic
BITED Secret language unallowed
BOLJE Prefix of message should be _____
BOSIR What is prefix of your number _____
BOSUV All messages are subject to censorship
BUCOD Cancelled by censor
BUDOG Censorship calls for explanation of texts _____
BULOW Censorship calls for plain language only
BYFAG Secret language prohibited
BYHIS Secret language messages must carry name of code in preamble
CAMUG Restriction still in force
CEPAD In our number _____ number of words _____ correct
CESAP Wrong number of words _____ actuals received
CODUN Read number of words in _____ as _____
COHOP What is total number of words ?
CUMAN All your stations reported unheard at receiving point Advise what trouble via _____
CYDAD Be prepared start _____ immediately any trouble develops on _____
CYGIN Please upstart _____ dual with _____
CYPAY BQs all cleared Advise any outstanding RQs
CYVOW BQs required, following incomplete messages on hand _____
DACIB Cannot receive high speed
DACJE Can only receive from , all other stations unreadable
DACOT Can you utilize further channels ?
DACRU Cease listening on , but keep set open for immediate reception when advised
DACYZ We are reading _____ you may shut down _____ and please upstart _____
DADAF We are reading _____ and you may shut down _____
DADIZ We are reading _____ and please upstart _____
DADNU We are reading _____ and please keep _____ on air
DADRO Listen to _____ and give go ahead for traffic as soon as possible
DADXA Cease listening on _____ Acknowledge last received
DADYC Listen also on _____ congestion here
DAFEJ Closing numbers OK Meet again at _____ GMT Resume on _____
DAGTU Following traffic coming later _____
DAGUT Confirm last received, we sent you _____
DAHPA Circuit good only for _____ words per min Do not request higher speed
DALSO _____ dual with _____ Observe and report
DALUF _____ dual with _____ Advise immediately you discontinue latter
DALYJ Adjust frequency of _____ to correct allocation
DAMLO Advise frequency allocated to _____
DAMOC Following transmitters running _____ Advise which is best
DAPEC Further channel(s) not available at present
DAPUV General fading on short waves, will advise soon as conditions improve
DAPYF Interference from echo
DASOB Interference from industrial or medical machines
DAWAG If communication lost, change over at _____ GMT
DEBPA Interference on _____ appears to be due to line trouble
DEBUM Is _____ available? Can receive at _____ wpm
DEBXU Please endeavour to identify the jamming station
DEBZO Jammed by unknown station
DECOW _____ jammed by , unable ascertain frequency Can you assist?
DEDAN _____ jammed by _____ which is on its assigned frequency Please check your frequency
DEFEM _____ jamming _____ Please correct to assigned frequency
DEFIB _____ with modulation spread of plus and minus _____ kHz jamming _____ Please correct
DEFTU Last numbers: transmitted _____ received _____
DEFUC _____ with key clicks plus and minus _____ jamming _____ Please remedy
DEFWO Parasitic radiation on _____ kHz from your transmitter _____ jamming _____ Please remedy
DEFYS Signals jumping in frequency beyond receiver range
DEJAY Nothing received from _____ since _____ GMT When do you expect to resume?
DEMAT Not working with customary speed
DENTA Give our circuit preference, fading period approaching
DEPEW Listen now for _____ when you receive us there, discontinue listening on _____
DERSO Observe and report QRK
DETBA Receiving nothing from , we listen for _____
DETRU RQs swamping us What is the reason?
DEVIE Transmitted by an alternative route
DICOX Shutting down
DIDAW Shutting down Give last received and listen for _____ in _____ minutes
DIFIG Shutting down until _____ GMT, we will transmit via _____ Acknowledge
DIHAF Shutting down until traffic Keep listening and transmit your traffic
DILET _____ speed not up to normal Can you improve? Delay increasing
DOCIR _____ unavailable Continue listening for _____
DOCUB _____ unreadable at present, will continue observe and advise later
DOJEW We discontinue listening for , last received _____
DOLEG _____ GMT We will now start _____ (call sign) Please arrange to receive this station as soon as you hear it
DONBO When _____ fades, listen for _____
DONNU Will transmit from _____ to _____ on _____ metres
DOPPA Circuit(s) working very poorly
DOPUD Circuit(s) working satisfactory
DUDAM Your signals unreadable here Situation _____ Confirm via _____
DUDJU Your station _____ unheard We are transmitting to you blind (twice) on _____ Please advise via another route if you agree
DUJIB Your transmitter OK on reversals but unreadable on traffic
EFJOB No telegram service to _____ via _____ Please advise
ENRAM Propose diverting _____ traffic via you Advise if you can clear without delay
EVLOW Your _____apparently miscirculated to us, message held awaiting your instructions
GIJYD Federal Republic of Germany, Telecommunications Administration
GUHOR Heavy delay here
GUTAB A delay of _____ hours
GUTKA Ask reason for delay
GYGAP Complaint has been made of _____
GYLIL Complaint of delay Give time received and delivered (reforwarded) and explain any delay
HAGAS Confirm time of acceptance _____, complaint of delay
HAJOT Delay cancelled
HAMAN Delay continues
HAPIG Delay due to _____
HAYEW _____ delayed
HEGAY Delay increasing Can you increase speed?
HEPIP Excessive delay
HETIN Explain delay
HIHUT Heavy delay
HIMAR Heavy traffic
HIZEP Is there any delay to _____ ?
HOFOR Light traffic
HOMAT No delay
HOPOM Notice of delay withdrawn
HUHAG There is a delay of _____ hours to _____
HUJAM To avoid delay
HYFUN Was there any delay?
HYGIG We advising _____ hours delay
HYHAM We advising indefinite delay
JAJAR Can you now deliver?
JAMEG _____ claimed registered address good, messages previously sent to same address duly delivered
JARAG _____ claims misdelivered Give particulars of delivery
JEHAT Deliver to _____
JIDEW Delivered to and accepted by ______
JIFAG Delivered to registered address _____
JIHAW Delivery office closed
JIJAY Duly delivered
JOBUT Effect delivery at _____
JOHAY Give particulars of receipt and delivery
JOKID State date and time of delivery
JUBAB If unable to deliver
JUFAR _____ is a reply to your _____ Can you now deliver?
JUJEW Message has been called for
JUKIT Message received at _____ and delivered at _____
JYBAG Now delivered, called for
JYDOT Now delivered to and accepted by _____ (complete address)
JYGUS Now cleared to ship Cancel advice of non-delivery
JYSUM Re-tender and advise
LILIT Say how and when delivered
LILIT Say if yet delivered
MAHPO Why was it not delivered?
MAJDO Forward by cable
MAJIG Forward as soon as possible
MAJPA Forward by mail
MAJUH Forward by wireless
MALAP Forward immediately
MANAG Forwarding by mail
MAREJ Forward via _____
MARPO _____ has been forwarded with _____
MATIS _____ still on hand as communication not established since receipt Message(s) will be retained for further trial unless otherwise instructed
MATMU Instruct us how to dispose of _____
MEFED Message(s) will be forwarded by post from _____
MEGLA _____ was forwarded to _____ at _____
MEROW _____ are identical
METAB Duplicate delivered
MIHOB Message number _____ appears to have been received also under number _____ Shall we cancel latter copy?
MIHYT Message number _____ is not duplicate of message number _____
MIJEM Uncertain if following message (service advice) has been sent to you before If previously received under another number cancel this copy and report
MIJNU We have two different messages under number _____ Give new number
MIRZU Can you explain?
MIWON Can you inform us?
MOBAY Can you trace?
MODAB Case now closed
MOFEW Confirm number and date of msg
MOPOH Following received from _____
MOPYD What is the name of the coast station?
MORUG What is the name of the ship station?
MOYES Give telegraph office of origin
MUBED Give particulars of message
MUGIT Give time and date handed it
MUGKO Give time and date of reception
MUGYA Have you any information respecting _____ ?
MUHAH Have you anything on hand for _____ ? If so, please rush
MUHED Have you a private wire connection?
MUSYJ Advise present position
MYBEG Enquire and advise us
MYFIG Please explain
MYJUG Please report present status of enquiry, we are being pressed for a reply
MYNIP Mail detailed list of _____
MYPAR Private wire connection by telegraph
MYYEW Private wire connection by telephone
NABOC Quote code used
NACBA We are enquiring, will reply as soon as possible
NACFO _____ was received at _____
NACNE We are unable to trace
NACOB We have no information
NACSU Who is sender of your _____ ?
NADBO Will enquire and report
NADED Regret no further details available
NAFAC Addressee claims incorrect
NEDIB Place of destination incomplete, there are several Advise
NEDYF Error(s) made here and will be dealt with
NEFAT Error of service
NEFYC Handling in time omitted
NEHWO Have corrected error
NEKIR Inserted in error
NEMYD Place of destination unknown, we forwarded to _____ Correct if necessary
NIBYP Mutilated Please repeat
NIGIF No error our copy
NIGSA Omission occured
NISER Omitted
NISMA Correct error
NISOV See if any error made in transmission
NITSU Rectify and reply
NODHE Sender's error
NOVEF Error in telephone transmission
NOVNU Error(s) under investigation
NUBWE Fault suddenly developed in our transmitter _____ Necessary to shut down immediately Please give last received and listen for _____
NUDIM Gear fault here
NUDNO Gear fault our receiving station
NUDOC Gear fault our transmitting station
NUDVE Heavy key clicks on other similar emission between characters causing blurring
NUFIB Heavy lightning overhead, must earth aerial, will advise when clear
NUFYH No fault traceable here
NUGET Passed to authorities concerned Advise if interference continues
NUGPU Our receiving station reports _____
NUGUJ Our receiving station reports _____ below normal strength
NUHLA Our receiving station reports varying frequency on _____
NUPES Out of order
OBBEN Power failure
OBCUT Power failure, all circuits affected
OCJAG Unable transmit on _____ Further advice will be forwarded via another route if direct communication unavailable
OCNOR We have breakdown in _____ transmitter, you may transmit to us blind (twice), but please continue listening
OCPAW We have checked our transmission on _____ and find no fault
ODBIB Your perforator is faulty
ODTOY Advise probable period of interruption
OFCAN All lines interrupted, there will be delay to traffic
OHFOP Communication with _____ restored
OHJOD Line trouble on , Will advise when restored
OHPIG During interruption of _____ divert via _____
OJGOB Land-lines between _____ and _____ interrupted
OJWAG Land-lines between _____ and _____ restored, traffic normal
OLMAD Address insufficient, we try delivery to _____ Correct if necessary
OLWAY Address unregistered, we try delivery to _____ Correct if necessary
OMKEW Complaint of non-delivery Give full particulars of delivery and say if addressee acknowledges receipt
ONKEY Message unacknowledged after _____transmissions Please advise
OPBUN _____ sender received advice by another route that message undelivered Please investigate and reply quickly
OPKID Treat as non-delivery
OPSOP Undelivered, addressee cannot be found
OPWIG Undelivered, refused by addressee
ORDAD Undelivered, addressee not on board
ORMAT Undelivered, house closed; notice mailed
ORWON Undelivered, owing to _____
OSHAT Undelivered, returned by postal service, unclaimed
OSJOG Undelivered, returned by postal service, unknown
OSMAW Undelivered, several firms of that name
OSSUP Undelivered, several streets of that name, district required
OTTAB Undelivered, unable to contact telephone number
PAJAV Addressee acknowledges receipt
PALAM Get addressee's acknowledgement of receipt
PALIL Good delivery receipt held for _____
PAMNO _________ is registered for _____
PASCA Transmitted twice; cancel second transmission
PATAB Supply unpacked address for _____
PEZES We are refunding
PEZIH Refund is authorized
PEZJU Refund is not authorized
PEZVE Telegram service not at fault
PEZYV Refund of charges are in order for any special service relating to the radiotelegram that have not been carried out
PIDUD Sender applies for refund of message charges Please authorize
PITUG Sender's confirmation
POFIH Correct if necessary
POHCO Correction made by sender
POHEG Correct on our copy
POHOC Do not understand your service advice Repeat references
POMDU Delete CTF (Correction to follow) in service instructions
POMZO _____ forwarded 'subject to correction' for _____
PONEB Forward (or deliver) correction
POSAG Consult sender
POSRA Herewith copy _____
PUCUD Indistinctly written
PUFOB Is this message still 'subject to correction'?
PYBIN Office of addressees closed
PYSAT Delivered subsequently Cancel advice of non-delivery
RACYB Still undelivered
RAFIS Undelivered, not called for
RAFSO Second application
RAFUJ Undelivered, addressee absent
RAHOT Undelivered, addressee left, forwarded by post to _____
RAJAJ Undelivered, addressee unknown
RAJEV Undelivered, addressee left for _____
RAJFU Undelivered, addressee left without leaving address
RAMUZ Subject to correction
RATEB Third application
REGAD Undelivered, several persons of the same name
REJAB Undelivered, ship out of range
REKEG Undelivered, address insufficient
RICOD Undelivered, address no longer registered
RIJAG Undelivered, address not registered
RISOB Undelivered, no house at that number
ROCOG Undelivered, place, street, road, etc unknown
ROFAB Undelivered, not claimed on board
ROFER Undelivered, ship already left
ROFJO Undelivered, ship did not communicate
ROFUN Your BQ makes no correction
ROKEW Your service advice corrected and forwarded
ROSOP Undelivered Several ships of the same name Please supply nationality and/or call sign
ROUTE Route to _____ / I am routing to _____ / Route?
RUCMU Undelivered, telephone number given in address does not correspond with the name of addressee
RUCOS Undelivered, hotel, house, firm, etc no longer exists
TOPMO Acknowledge this notification
TUHRU Say if in agreement
TUNHO We are in agreement
TUNVU We are not in agreement
UDFOG Please have it attended to immediately
UGJAW Complaint has been made
UHYON Missing _____ Please supply copy quickly
UJDUD _____ missing Please supply copy quickly preceded by reference of this service advice
UKTAB Have you any record of such a message having been filed (received)?
UPBAG For your information
USLEG Case under investigation, will reply as soon as possible
USTIN Please investigate and reply as soon as possible
UTCOD Use the code
UTCOD Use the gentex code
VEBET Please do needful
VUSOB Read telegraph office of origin _____
WAJEJ Please give prefix number or channel sequence number under which the transit telegram referred to was sent forward to its destination or next transit point
WAJGU Give reference
WALAG Reference is correct
WALEM Reference is wrong
WALOS Referring to our _____
WALPU Referring to your _____
WEFXU Waiting reply to our service advice
WEJYV Reference incorrect Give number, date, time of handing in, and say by which channel/route sent
WOBAJ Please obtain sender's name and address from the addressee
WOBMO Sender cannot be found
XEROJ Your service advice not understood
YALRU Telex subscriber _____ no longer in service