Active loop antenna ALA1530S+ 50kHz-30MHz

Active Loop Antenna ALA1530S+
  • The design of this new loop is based on the recently re-engineered ALA1530L
  • The Head Amplifier noise has been lowered
  • LF gain extended down to 50kHz
  • MW OIP3 has been increased to +55dBm; thus giving this active antenna one of the highest third order intercept points in its class
  • Also the MW OIP2 has been improved to +90dB
  • This new antenna is believed to be the highest gain active loop to provide coverage from VLF to HF with low Intermodulation
  • An FM band filter is now fitted
  • A resettable fuse is now fitted to the Antenna Interface
  • Due to the high gain of this antenna, it should not be used close to high power transmitters, otherwise this may cause receiver overload problems
  • This Balanced low impedance Magnetic loop has enhanced performance compared to shielded and Moebius loop types. The unique use of an amplifier to match the loop's reactance is a technological breakthrough in Broadband loop design.
  • This unique broadband magnetic antenna is only 1m diameter and rotatable to provide deep nulls to reject noise and interference. Ideal for users with small gardens...
  • This new broadband untuned Loop antenna is designed specifically to reject locally radiated and mains borne noise from TVs, computers, mains wiring etc.
  • The Loop antenna responds primarily to the Magnetic-Field and rejects locally radiated Electric-Field noise providing far lower noise reception than active whip/dipole antennas. Compared to active whip/dipole antennas, the Loop will reduce locally radiated noise by up to 30dB and mains borne noise by up to 60dB.
  • The ALA 1530S+ has up to 30dB nulls to further reduce interference.   It is ideal for small gardens and directional reception using an antenna rotator. 
  • The ALA1530S+ offers significant advantages over the traditional tuned Loop, because the Loop can be used away from local interference. Whereas, a tuned Loop has to be positioned next to the receiver where there are high levels of local noise.
  • The Loop antenna is supplied with an Antenna Interface and a 12 volt regulated Power Supply